100,000 hits

Reached a milestone in my blogging history, 100,000 hits. It came around in 345 days for an average of 290 views per day. Now if everyone had to give me $1 for each visit I’d be a happy man. Still I’m grateful to have so many people tuning in. I should be paying you $1 for every hit on my blog. Old Dylan would be a rich man! Ok get your invoices in, and I’ll see what I can do! Thanks everyone for making it a success.


~ by christianfletcher on November 4, 2008.

26 Responses to “100,000 hits”

  1. Can I invoice you in U.S. Dollars today???

  2. Congrats on the 100k

  3. mate well done! Id be pretty happy with my stats if it was a buck a pop!

  4. Congrats on the 100,000 hits mate! Amazing that so many people want to read about sheep ;D

  5. Well done on the hitting count. celebration in need! ill go crack open a coke. Thanks for the excuse!

  6. and it gives me an excuse for a coke….. with a little bourbon!

  7. Thanks guys, mmm bourbon and coke sound mighty fine.
    See Flemming sheep are the future!
    Go for it Graeme, send it to the gallery. Promise to pay it this week! Promise!!

  8. That is so cool,and i thought i was great when i got to 5000.

  9. 5000 is a pretty good effort still Mel. It snowballs anyway, before you know it you’ll be at 200,000

  10. Well you better keep clicking…..how many do i need a day was it 290 a day?hahaha

  11. congrats 100k is big effort, I would love 5000 haha.

  12. Congrats on the 100,000 hits mate 🙂
    Hopefully I will get there one day lol 🙂

  13. wowzers 290 a day… my records 114. oh well better than the 2-10 i suffered for the first month of blogging.
    Fletch you should do a limited edition set of:
    “The Life of Christian Fletcher:
    A collage of the best moments from the first 100 000 hits”

  14. That’s an amazing hit rate for a blog. Congratulations

  15. I don’t have enough sheep on my blog and am far behind Fletch, only creeping up on 40,000 hits now for a year and a half.

  16. Congrats Christian, sorry I wasnt here to congratulate you earlier, but we had our new baby on Friday and I have only just got outta hospital!! So glad to be home!!!

  17. (said in a thick, woggish accent)
    Mate you are so good mate, you should be charging everyone $2 each mate then you’d be as rich as me mate, then we could go down Bruanswick Street mate and tear the place up mate in our new Monaros. Sweet mate!!!

  18. Grats 🙂 Would have gotten there quicker if we hadn’t had the trauma with our net connection 😀

  19. Congratulations Donelle, boy or Girl?

    Stakky my best for one day is 815 hits, try that on mate!

    Thanks for the kind comments everyone.

    Tommy P can we spec it up a little to a Toyota Prius!

    I was wondering where you went Bekka

  20. We have our selves a little princess!! After two boys its quite nice to be buying pink clothing!!! Her name is Mischa and is very photogenic if I do say so myself! Well I like talking piccies of her!

  21. Well done, little girls a gorgeous. My Amali is so sweet. Her brother is the terror!

  22. Grats Donelle – weight, time etc? 🙂
    I been busy as Christian – my boss finally remembered that he promoted me (I still don’t understand why) and has been heaping me with stuff to do. I haven’t been near the camera since before we moved, add to that the issues with our connection *swoons due to an overdose of drama/trauma* Sucks to be me recently 😀 I know what you mean about girls being sweet as well – my little one has such a gentle nature, I really do think they mixed up babies at the hospital some days – my temper is quicker than anything…..

  23. She was born on the 31st October at 10.12am and weighed in a 3465gms or 7pound 10 in the old measurements! Her two older brothers are quite smitted with her at the moment. And Im lucky she is a good sleeper!

  24. Well done!

    Give me some tips on how i can get anyone to read my rubbish and i’ll send you a $1

  25. Sean you need to work on it for about 18 years, then legendary status will follow!! 🙂

  26. Hey Sean, I just read your rubbish , send me a dollar.

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