Last Chance to get on a Perth Course

sr1 I have only 7 spots left for the second night at PRA Imaging on the 11th of November, a week today. This and the one in Rockingham on the 22nd will be my last for the year. The future courses will be held back in my gallery in Dunsborough. If you can’t travel then you better get on one of these two final dates. Ring me on 9756 8396 or send me an email to This is a stitch from Mount Hassel looking back to Bluff Knoll. We froze up on the hill and got a little wet. Still I wouldn’t have it any other way.


~ by christianfletcher on November 4, 2008.

8 Responses to “Last Chance to get on a Perth Course”

  1. Nice I bet thats going to look stunning when print up round 100 inches.

  2. Yep..a winner ,great shot.

  3. wow love it, was just going to say I was missing your landscapes haha.

  4. looks awesome Christian!
    i used to climb Hassel, Bluff Knoll and Mt Trio once a week each before work, when I used to work at the retreat. I have to say there is not many better ways to start a day then being at a summit of a peak for sunrise!! 🙂 I used to always have the peaks all to myself. now I sit in traffic for half an hour….what am i doing….

  5. Thanks guys. Stephen you must have been pretty fit. Hope you took a camera with you? My legs were pretty sore after the trip, but felt good for it.

  6. yeah i used to get up them alright. 2 hr round trip with half hour at the top. struggle a lil more now though! lol.
    I did take the camera but definitely wish i knew more how to use it back then! snagged a couple of shot’s that are on my blog if you want to have a look (without sounding like i’m begging you to :-P) wish I could get them on the net looking like they print, but yeah….

    unfortunately i missed lots of shots due to inexperience there as well. still learning but knew nothing back then.
    1 day climbed up above the fog, to the west Toolbrunup came up through the clouds and was bathed in the perfect morning light. I set up for the shot and bang, battery died. tried the spare, dead…. i screamed! and since then i make sure batteries are all good!! i’m not risking that again!! haha

  7. Hey Christian nice image. Two comments – the road is a little strong in colour for me – a little too obvious but none the less necessary to see it. Secondly, the desat on the far right is a little distracting – i’d like to see more colour here.
    Hope I’m not being too critical.

  8. Valid points Tom, but yes you are being too critical!!! :-0

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