Still working on faces

man-sketch This is the hardest thing for me so I love the challenge it presents. Just when you were thinking the landscapes are back I slip in another illustration. Was looking at some amazing artwork from a girl living in Poland. She will spend a month on one piece, that is dedication. I guess thats why her stuff is amazing and mine are just annoying!!!


~ by christianfletcher on November 4, 2008.

9 Responses to “Still working on faces”

  1. Not too bad…how about a sketch of a sheep?

  2. Pretty Cool buddy, left side of face is a little flat looking or too neat a line from the forehead to the chin ….

    Want me to sit for you this weekend hehe 😉

  3. Instead of drawing, try this out everyone.
    Take a clean portrait of yourself, no glasses, and hair pulled backwards showing your forehead and upload it to here
    It will show you what you would have looked like in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s & 90’s.

    Lots of laughs, I now have a new profile pic for facebook.

  4. Sheep coming Merv
    Neal you can mate, maybe I should be sitting for you!!
    Will have a look at it Tom.

  5. Mate I can’t draw for quits, my stick figures even look bad.

  6. Fletch its a great portrait. The eyes are a bit scary and as neil said the further side of the face is a bit flat but the rest is nice n’ proportional.

    I cant draw people for nuts either Neil. My landscapes arnet all that bad though… me and one of my mates at school are obsessed with drawing waves and surfers. I’m sure he’ll get a blog soon (once i’ve bugged him enough) and get some of his canvas paintings sold locally. They are seriously brilliant.

    Christian i wanna see your attempt at surf painting!

  7. Wow, that’s such a fabulous likeness of you! Aren’t you clever. Did you use a mirror while sketching, as the resemblence is uncanny. I see you’ve changed your hairstyle too – it must be so hard being really, really ridiculously good looking!

  8. actually Donna that is a portrait of my granddad who passed away 2 weeks ago, very insensitive of you.

  9. actually Donna that is a portrait of my granddad who passed away 2 weeks ago, very insensitive of you.

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