Stirling Ranges Video

Michaels video of our trip to the Stirling Ranges. There will be a longer edit happening soon.


~ by christianfletcher on November 13, 2008.

11 Responses to “Stirling Ranges Video”

  1. I highly recommend right clicking on the video and watching it in HD on Vimeo – it’s gorgeous ! Next time I’m in South WA I want to book Mike shoot to me in a promo video like that, the cinematography, editing and music etc. all makes for a brilliant video!

  2. Brilliant work Mike, love your skill with the XH-A1 you Fletcher boys are a talented bunch. Cant wait for the full release.

  3. Amazing video christian your bro did a great job had to watch it again after your course . Loving these stirling ranges shots

  4. DAMN! That boys got talent! How he made a couple of blokes standing next to tripods, not only interesting but utterly entertaining, is a mystery to me…two thumbs up mate.

  5. Awesome work!!

    The soundtrack complimented the video perfectly.

  6. Beautiful imagery. Reminded me of a trip to the Stirling Ranges last year around this time and it snowed. In October! Brrrr.

    Hey Fletch did you see your mates at Flametree just won Australia’s most presticgious wine industry award – The Jimmy Watson.

    Plus your other mates at Fraser Gallop had two finalists in the top 15 from over 600 tasted.

    Is this a reflection of your drinking habits influencing the outcome?

  7. man that’s some awesome work
    loved it!! 🙂

  8. Cheers for the kind words everybody.

  9. Another stunner, I can’t wait to see the longer version.

  10. Yeah Sean I saw that, I do love their wines. And it is good to see Fraser Gallop doing well. I think I know a winner when I drink it and I do drink a bit!!! The Stirlings were pretty cold that weekend, you have to love them though and I think it is probably one of WA’s most spectacular sites.

  11. really well put together video mate, well done.

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