Two Perth Courses Completed

Thanks to all those attending my two Workshops held at PRA Imaging. It was a couple of fun nights for me, I always love talking about myself, and hope you all picked up some tips to help you out on your road to taking better photographs. It was good to see some familiar faces from previous courses and the camaraderie between you all. As I mentioned please let me know if you need any points we covered clarified or you have any questions or problems. Looking forward to the end of the month when I get the new 5D mark II. I know I was banging on about it a bit but I truly believe it is a revolutionary camera and will the benchmark into the future. Big thanks goes to Brendan and the team at PRA for helping me out and allowing me to use the facilities they had to offer. Remember to see those guys if you want any new gear, or a least get a price, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Just a reminder that my Rockingham course is coming up on the 22nd of November and there are still a few spots left for that date. Let me know if you want to get on it. Cheers.


~ by christianfletcher on November 13, 2008.

9 Responses to “Two Perth Courses Completed”

  1. Thanks CF – a great night (again)! Just one thing … is there any time that you wouldn’t use LAB colour right from the start? I find that when using curves it can often leave a colour cast so thanks for the LAB colour tip!

  2. Hi Christian,
    I’m spewing I can assist to your workshops… Would you consider writing a how to book for those far away?

  3. CF, great course, easy to understand and I immeadiately got home and tried out some of your processes on photos I got in Perth. Well worth the trip from the Pilbara!
    Do you mind if I use your photo on my blog?

  4. Thanks Rich, I wouldn’t use LAB all the time as some of the adjustment layers and filters don’t work. I would mainly use it for levels adjustments and colour saturation.

    Hi Anne, yeah sorry you are overseas, I will probably do a DVD before I do a book so keep an eye out for it. Don’t have any timetable to do it though so can’t say when one would be available.

    Thanks for coming from so far Mark, glad te course was good for you. I don’t mind if you use my pic at all mate. Cheers.

  5. Thanks for another great night Christian. My second course attended and I still managed to come away with some great tips. Cheers.

    I just added a new image to my blog. Inspired by your sheep shots.

  6. Sweet Luke I’ll have a look. Thanks for coming to the course, glad it was worth it.

  7. God damn it everybodys getting a 5d mk 2. Maybe there will be a Mk 3 when i buy one in 2 or 3 years.
    Fletch gonna sell your 1d? i might be interested…

  8. might be Sean but it will be cheaper to buy a new 5D mark II. Neal is selling his 5D, see my for sale page.

  9. Hi Christian

    I attended your workshop at PRA last night and I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your presentation and that I got a lot out of the evening.

    I’m an amateur with a love of landscape (and other) photography and I’ve enjoyed the challenge of the learning curve of digital photography since I bought my 1st digital camera a few years ago.
    Your workshop reinforced many of the workflow principles that I have gleaned from websites and publications over these years (I agree ‘Eastway rules’) , as well as given me some new insights into digital techniques and post processing, particularly with respect to panos and printing.

    I’ve enjoyed and admired your work since I 1st saw it in your Dunsborough gallery shortly after it first opened. I’ve been inspired by your approach to “simplistic” composition (not easy in the Australian landscape), and your “controlled” use of saturated colour .

    Your presentation was especially notable and enjoyable for your openness, honesty, and willingness to share the fruits of hard toil gleaned over 18yrs in the business. I now hope to get to another of your courses one day. It would be a good excuse to take a trip to the beautiful part of the state
    Where you live.

    Thanks again for your efforts at making the course so worthwhile, (and for signing my books of yours)!


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