True North Photography Workshop

port_side_with_heli_in_king_george_lg I have been lucky enough to be offered to run a course or two on True North this Winter up in the Kimberley. What I need to know is how many people are interested in joining me. All you need to do is pay for your fare and the rest is up to me to make sure you come away with the knowledge you need to produce stunning photos. A cruise on this boat is a once in a lifetime opportunity why not make it a learning trip as well. There are over 14 cruises on offer some being full already, we just need to know who might come so we can lock in a date. Let me know asap your thoughts. Cheers


~ by christianfletcher on November 17, 2008.

30 Responses to “True North Photography Workshop”

  1. I would do my best to be part of it

  2. Sound great Christian ,
    Deffinatly would be keen the only dession facotrs would be pricing and dates .
    True North is a really nice boat .

  3. I will be in Kimberley next year around May-June and quite possibly be part of guiding a All Terrain Safari photography tour. So if I can time it right I would very much love to jump on a True North cruise (as long as there’s no sheep).

  4. Sounds awesome! If you can also let me know price and date I would love to be there

  5. I think its a great idea!

  6. me and bree would be in for sure,…. but we are goin away in april next year so if its before that we are in

  7. o yer and the price is always a factor… hehe

  8. I would be up for it – sounds like it will be a good learning experience…

  9. Hi guys your all booked in haha. I am going for the full 13 day cruise so am thinking about running two workshops over that period. Some of the cruises are split in two. From Broome to Hunter River and then from Hunter River to Wyndham. These are for 6/7 nights and the average price is $10995 per person. Now that sounds expensive but from what I hear it is a once in a lifetime experience. If your feeling particularly flushed with cash come on board. All the details are found on their web site

  10. Sorry , I’ll save the 20 grand, it is tough economic times!

    I’ve often thought it would be a pretty good trip but the price puts me off. I know you get what you pay for BUT….

    A mate of mine actually won a trip for 2 on the True North about 5 yrs ago, value then was about 25k . He thought it was great, although he did think the 14 days a bit long, but he felt he was out of his league with the clients on board. A lot of wealthy overseas types who didn’t really didn’t care for a commoner so to speak.

    I must say that I love the picture above if nothing else. is it one of yours?

  11. Hi Christian,

    I would be interested, depends on how the old share portfolio is next year. Also I can almost 100% guarantee 13 days is too long.

    Jamie Paterson

  12. Oh and I almost forgot it will depend on timing as well. Melissa, Xavier and I are in Hawaii for 2wks either June or July next year. Sorry Neal we don’t need a babysitter. 🙂

  13. Would be really nice but I think the 13 day $20k cruise and $11k for a week cruise is a little out of my reach, when looking at a Fall trip back to Yosemite and the Canyon Lands in 09.

  14. I think the people who get on this trip are ones who have way more money than most of us put together. Even with the incentive of free 7 day tuition with me it is still a big ask for most people. Jen and I couldn’t afford it thats why it is such an incentive for us to get on a trip in exchange for running the workshops. Ken Duncan did it, Nick Rains did it now they have “the man” Looks like this one is going to be a flop!! It’s a shame about the financial times, we are all looking to cut back.

  15. Start off with something smaller and build up?

  16. yer how bout a week course down south???….. now that would be cool…. or even a weekend

  17. Fletch,I can get hold of a 12ft tinnie and a couple of eskies if you want to start small.

    I hope you can work something out as it would be a good trip, especially if it was “a special low price” for you if you know what I mean.

  18. man would be awesome. i know people who went on the Ken Duncan one this year and was well worth it by the sound of it. but yeah…out of reach of the common folk….

    that’s 3x 2 week trips away for me! obviously i don’t know the word luxury though 🙂

  19. mmmm … I’m currently looking for a honeymoon destination … not sure I’ll get this one past the Boss though!

  20. 12ft tinnie sounds good to me. It is too expensive for me as well I reckon, even though the images I’ve seen of Ken Duncan from his True North trip are Truely magical. I don’t care at all for all that luxury anyway, seriously, I’d rather have a tinnie and a swag!

    Can we fit a helicopter on your 12ft tinnie Merv?

    Flether, need an assistant guide? A foreigner who is obsessed with the outback, can do a good Aussie accent and is a human spirit level?

  21. I have other plans for cheaper courses, this one is just because it is an opportunity too good to miss. Actually you will have to pay for any other course I do. True North is free tuition you just have to pay for the boat. Merv the crocs up there are longer than 12 ft. As for the low price for me , lets just say it is one not to pass up.
    Rich, imagine having your honeymoon with me and a bunch of snotty photographers, the new wife may not be impressed.
    Flemming I think I might be looking for an assistant but as my wife is going to be onboard too so I think she has the gig! sorry

  22. I wasn’t thinking of up there with a tinnie Fletch ,more like a putt around Meelup. if you want to go out in a small boat up there mate, you are by yourself!!!

    We did sleep on the Town River in NT one night and all the crocs eyes were shineing in the spotlight on the otherside of the river which was fun.It was a place where you didn’t go in the water.

  23. sounds awesome but that price sounds out of my reach at the moment, Does sound like a once in a lifetime trip.

  24. Hi Christian,

    Have they offered you a free spot if you get X amount of people onboard? Most charters offer a FOC (free of charge) spot if you can approx 8 people onboard.


  25. I don’t like swimming at the best of times, with crocs it is more of an incentive, I’d be ok if Bindi Irwin was with me though. Meelup gets pretty rough at times Merv and my brother had a shark swim at his boat that was bigger 15 or 16 ft. Who cares about crocs, and this was 400m from shore!
    Yes Jamie my trip is FOC but not sure about numbers. Mark who owns the boat is a keen photographer and was actually on the PRA course with you guys last week. I think I’ll get to go regardless and give him a one on one 13 day masterclass! Saying that he might have other ideas so I better watch what I say. Either way I’ll be working my butt off to get great photos for me and who ever else comes on the trip.

  26. G’day Christian,

    The True North trip sounds amazing! Good luck with it all.

    I just thought i’d drop by and let you know that i’m getting my site back up and running, but have changed my domain from to beaumitchell.COM

    If you could please change the link in your blog roll, i’d appreciate it a lot.

  27. Have changed it for you Beau, good to see you back!

    Merv the picture on the post isn’t one of mine.

  28. Dude i would hell come… if i could afford it. Do another one if a few decades maybe. $10000 dont come easy!

  29. It looks great, but I could have a new 1dmk3 for that price and I can’t afford that either.

  30. true James, or almost three 5D mark II’s

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