Get Forked

gf I must say last night was fun. The sky was fantastic and I thought I would head to Wyadup rocks to get a good sunset. Unfortunately I put myself in the way of a huge thundercloud. I was miles from the car looking at this cloud heading my way, mint!! I saw a small strike of lightning, great, might jag one in the shot. I got set up took a few pics then whack!!! I massive blot came down in front of me! Hmm, do I stand still with the metal tripod and get the shot of the century or bolt……………… ok I bolted!! I didn’t look back but could see the ground in front of me light up with each strike. Lets just say a quarter of a mile record was broken getting back to the car. After retreating to the safety of Smiths Beach I shot back to Wyadup and watched all hell break loose. That bolt was just about where I was standing I think. They say only the good die young so you can imagine how scared I was. One shot on the 16-35mm that was wet!!


~ by christianfletcher on November 20, 2008.

42 Responses to “Get Forked”

  1. Great colours, great framing. Your more game than me, it was so loud where I was I deared not even go out to the driveway. whole suburb light up like it was noon many times.

  2. Great shot Christian. I was watching the charts last night and could see this forming. I love these types of shots as they are so rare on this side of oz. Good work

  3. Yer you have some guts mate hahaha…. i was in my backyard when it started hailing so i had to put the camera away…… nice shot mate

  4. i was drunk taking photos from my roof! hahah safety first!

  5. That is one cool shot!We had hail the size of small marbles here last night but the lightning didn’t last that long.Well not long enough for me to get out of bed and get the camera!

  6. Mate I have been in the same position taking shots on a hill with my gear. The lightening struck about 30 meters from me. Sounded like a granade went off and my ears were ringing after it. I have never packed up so quickly. Great shot.

  7. I wish I could have captured something like this though. Mine are boring!

  8. thanks guys, sounds like we all would have bolted, at least I’m not the biggest girl on the block. I went to bed around 11am and saw heaps of flashes in the direction of Perth, was tempted to get out again but thought better of it. This morning was a disappointment, was hoping for a cracker sunrise. Dylan drunk and on the roof, yep, sounds like something a teenager would do. I think Stakky was probably tucked up in bed with his mummy! You know how kids get scared of that sort of thing!! 🙂
    Matt the strike I saw was probably a 1km away, 30m I would have emptied the contents of my bladder!

  9. Speaking of lightning check out This is my best mates website. He is a thunderstorm guru. I’ve been on a few trips with him and I can assure you we rarely run from a storm. I think his shots tell the story. Check it out!

  10. awesome shot Christian.
    i really like that swirl in the cloud leading up to the lightning.
    very nice.

  11. good to have you on David. Will look at the site. This is the guy you were telling us about down at the Stirlings? Thanks for your pics BTW, they look great.

    Thanks Stephen.

  12. good die young = Christian living a long life. 😉

  13. yeah I’m afraid so Jamie!! haha

  14. Hi Christian. Yea it is the guy I may have mentioned earlier. Last sheep was shorn about half an hour ago. So it looks like me sheep shearin’, truck drivin’ and bust dustin’ days are over!! Heading back to the big smoke tomorrow and will be back probably on Sunday. (As you know I drive really slow and take lots of detours.) Cheers….

  15. Oh yea… Nice shot by the way!!

  16. I like the dark clouds at the top looks like a big storm!

  17. Heh. Asswipe. “Tucked in bed with mommy”?!?!?
    I was studying for a science test i had today when this huge thunder started up. I was standing in the rain in the middle of a field looking at this lightning with a metal tripod and umbrella. If i die, this is the way i want to!!! the lightning was incredible. Oooh some rain has just started up might get some more lightning tonight.

    Awesome shot. To be honest i would have bolted as well!!

  18. I wouldnt have bolted! Cause Im a huge tough guy! hahah 😉
    yeah it would have been funny watching me tryin to climb on the roof last night. Usually a 5 second job. It took me a good minute!

  19. really bloody good shot … you should have gone and stood where you saw the first bolt hit!! you know what they say – lightening never hits the same place twice! what were the settings for the shot?

  20. Nice one mate, got to be happy with that.

  21. I’m gonna need some popcorn 😉

  22. Far out, its a corker! I bet it wouldn’t have felt about a km away at the time! I would have run for sure. Spooky looking clouds at the top centre… they’re alive!

  23. That must feel good David, will have to catch up when you get home.

    Well said Stakky, haha.

    Good idea Rich, exposure was 30 sec at f8 I think (without checking) iso was 400. I just kept pushing the button to make sure I got a strike.

    And a Choc bomb Neal!

    Yeah Matt the lightning tends to spread all over the place making it seem closer!
    I wish I was as brave as Stakky!

  24. Great capture Christian well timmed . Would have liked to been out last night as well geting some shots but had no car

  25. Cool shot, I love storms and clouds ! Once got stuck in Broome during a thunderstorm with lightning bolts hitting the power lines on the main street and cutting off all electricity. We were standing under a small roof on the main street, loved every second.

  26. Popcorn and a Choc Bomb at the drive-in … Thats going back …

  27. fantastic shot Christian ! The twilight lightning with it’s pastel colours and that supersmooth water looks awesome !

    There has been some incredible storms of late in the country with the Todd river in Alice flowing twice in the last fortnight and then the run of severe storms in SE Qld this week – amazing !

  28. Awesome shot! It’s funny how the picture is so sweet and pretty, with its pinks and baby blue colors, it makes the lightning look almost like a dream, like it’s the nicest thing happening. It’s a complete contrast with the fear a lightning triggers in most of people! I remember being scared to death when lightening stroke next to my house in Tahiti, making the house shake! The last thing I had in mind was taking a picture! So congratulation to all the brave photographers out there!

  29. It does look deceptively nice Anne. I have a shot of a stormy sky over the Twelve Apostles in Victoria, that storm went on to kill a few people having a picnic near Geelong. I never mess around with lightning!

  30. Im really tall 6 foot 6 and I hate lightning because im usually the tallest person around and most probaly first to be hit haha, I read about a guy in the U.S. standing high up on a mountain and there was a storm in the distance and he could hear hes carbon fibre tripod making buzzing sounds!!!

  31. probably had a blowie stuck in it!!

  32. Great shot Christian. Sounds like you soiled your undies. Atleast you came away with a shot.

  33. yeah Luke, had to do the laundry that night!

  34. Christian .. great great shot. Talk about commitment. On aside I was checking your good mate’s Tom Putt’s workshop webpage. In July his photoshop workshop is extraordinary to ordinary.. ?typo . You have got to give him hassle for that.

  35. Oh ya big wuss…it’s 4km away, get in there and get something decent.

    Were you counting , one thounsand ,two thousand , three thousand ……

  36. I m speechless. This is a incredibly stunning composition with gorgeous colors

  37. that lightning strike really was working with ya mate! Decided it would sit off the left nicely rather than spliting the middle!

  38. Merv this shot was taken later when I moved from Wyadup. That bolt is hitting the ground at Wyadup, if I stayed I would have died, plain and simple. I choose to live! Yeah I wussed out!!

    Thanks Thomas

    yes Dylan it knew all about composition, who ever said lightning was dumb!!

  39. Ah…..but the thing is, we don’t know if it would have killed you, it might have missed you by 20mt and made a fantastic picture, no guts no glory!!

  40. true Merv, hey where has your blog gone??

  41. Yeah the blog….it’s a time thing , but I hope to put up something quickly tonight.

    You had better put it up the top in your blog links so I can get more negative comments.

  42. Peter, the prick has changed it already, didn’t get time to bake him about it!!

    Cheer for the tip!!

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