True North Ashore

tn-poster This is a photo I took last night of the new concept to compliment the True North cruises. You can rent this luxurious pad for $10,000 per week. Next time you guys come down to shoot some pics you have somewhere to stay. I have to say it is pretty impressive inside with a creek flowing through the centre of the house, a spa and sauna, Jahroc furniture and even some Ken Duncan photos on the walls. Will have to get them changed to CF’s after my trip to the Kimberley coast. Oh and by the way, if your wondering, I have bought shares in True North!!!……………………. just kidding.


~ by christianfletcher on November 25, 2008.

8 Responses to “True North Ashore”

  1. The horizon isn’t level and there’s stitching errors.

    When do you move in??

  2. when I close my eyes and go to sleep, it’s all a dream mate!

  3. where are the stitching errors?
    looks good to me mate!
    i move in on monday! haha

  4. just a in house joke Dylan … had to be there!!!!

  5. The first 5D MKII’s have shown up on eBay.
    The cheapest for a body only is $4900 inc delivery.
    The Australian Canon site RRP is $4300. The difference is probably due to our weak Aussie dollar at the moment.

    But for all those guys who have them on order, they are not far away.

  6. Theres a big ol’ tree in the way of that building, Fletcher. I don’t approve (said with a stereotypical English accent).

  7. might book a week……… not.

  8. Sorry about the tree Sean, but as I am a greenie I didn’t want to cut it down!

    No probs Will I’ll book you a week. Why not two!

    Tom, PRA Imaging have them on for under 4k. I hope to be getting mine any day now.

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