Wyadup Rocks

wyadup-rocks-2 Took this at around 9.30am at Neal, Kirk and Jamies favourite spot. Used the nd to slow the water down. Goes to show you can shoot all day!


~ by christianfletcher on November 27, 2008.

19 Responses to “Wyadup Rocks”

  1. What you forgot to say was “Flemming I deliberately tilted this shot for you as the horizon as it came out of the camera was dead flat”.

    Lovely shot, love the feel of the clouds !

  2. Nothing wrong with shooting away from sunrise and sunset! Nice shot. Flemming should be in touch shortly!

  3. Your worst effort yet…the horizon I’m talking about, the rest is not bad,although a bit dark in the sky for me.

    Whats the big deal about shooting only in the morning and in the evening. I know it’s all about the light and an hour before and and hour after and all that jazz which is very good but some of your midday shots are fantastic Fletch.
    I’m with Dave, shoot all day long.

  4. Nice clouds, and the ND has given you nice smooth water.

    Maybe the sensor is crooked in your camera, thus causing the tilted horizon 😉

  5. hehe gettin hammered bout the horizons!! 😛

    nice shot. really like the sky and clouds!

  6. Nice shot Christian
    Great sky love the clouds , the ND did the trick with this shot will have to invest in a 10stop one soon

  7. Nice… got to love that filter.

  8. Doh, the horizon, I knew I had missed a step!! Notice in my workshops I don’t offer a good way to get it straight! I don’t have to worry I like it crooked! I’m waiting for Flemming to wake up and I guess I’ll get hammered again!
    I’d shoot all day if I had all day!
    Martybugs is right, it is the sensor, I did drop this camera once!
    Get one Kirk it is pretty good fun to play with on these type of days.

  9. Cool shoot, sun over the shoulder, cool water at your feet and nice fluffy clouds, what more does one need when shooting ….
    Kirk if you thinking of getting one try looking at the 8 stop variation ND with built in pol.

  10. I agree – shoot all day long! Too many photogs only wanna shoot at sunrise and sunset.

    Horizon thingy, won’t even mention it as you’re making it too easy! Fletch, I’ll do a guest appearance on one of your workshops and teach peopple about that horizon thingy 🙂 Apparently the horizon is your kryptonite!!! (mine is snow)

  11. Love this pic Christian!! And I like a crooked horizon too, cause we all know the world isnt flat!!!!

  12. Nice one.

  13. Nice one, shooting during the day can work somtimes and this shows it! horizon is a crack up haha bad eyes?

  14. how about beer Neal!
    Thanks for going easy on me Flemming, yeah come and teach me first mate!
    Exactly Donelle, and in the south it slopes even more!
    Thanks Mel and Will and yes bad eyes!

  15. Maybe that explains the horizons …. 😉

  16. Hey mate since no onw has bothered to mention it i guess I have to tell ya! That horizon is crooked! 😉
    I really like this photo! I really like the sky in this shot mate!
    How many stops was the ND you used?

  17. haha your probably right Neal!!
    bugger Dylan, that is new to me!! horizon is crooked, who would have thought that of one of my photos. The ND is about 10 stops I think. It is a B&W filter.

  18. Stakky like.
    Seems like those ND filters are your secret to midday beach shooting… i gotta get some.
    Flemming If you dont like the horizon, try tilting your head a bit to the left. Worked for me.

  19. I think my new favourite spot is Honeycombes. I will be definitely be spending some time there whilst I’m down there for the Chritmas break. 🙂

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