GM Food

yk100pFor the first time, genetically modified (GM) food crops are being grown in Australia, posing potential risks to the environment and human health. However, there is currently no way for shoppers to ensure that their groceries are GM free, as labelling is not required for most products containing GM ingredients. Australians want GM food labelled for health, environmental and ethical reasons.

The Federal Government has so far failed to deliver on its policy commitments. Last year the Federal ALP promised not to approve the release of GM crops unless they could be proven safe “beyond reasonable doubt”. The ALP’s National conference last year also supported the “comprehensive labelling of genetically modified food”.

Canola is used in many foods and in animal feed. With NSW and Victoria now allowing GM canola to be commercially grown for the first time, the Federal Government needs to deliver on these promises urgently.

I urge everyone who visits this blog to take 30 seconds to fill out the on-line petition here . We need to do this for our own reasons but to have our rights taken away by the government is F@#k’n wrong. If you don’t mind eating GM food that is fine but sign it as a protest to the government for them deciding what is best for you. Scumbag politicians, only thinking about money again! Lets let them know what we really think of their policies.


~ by christianfletcher on November 28, 2008.

27 Responses to “GM Food”

  1. Great topic mate, Ive signed the petition.
    I would like mandatory labelling for all GM products.
    All kids these days seem to have an anaphylactic reaction to nuts. Maybe that may also apply to canola products.

  2. good on you Tom.

  3. No to GM, we don’t need it, it shouldn’t be even be allowed to be grown in Australia.

    Who knows what it is going to lead to in the future health wise. Didn’t they say that asbestos was safe once?

    it is a push by the multi national companies to lock growers into their system and pay for it. Once you go down the GM path there is no turning back. As a grower you are at the mercy of the company ( Monsanto, Bayer, etc ) , you use their seed and their chemicals. There is a chance for Australia to remain “green” to a certain extent given our isolation, but now that’s gone with the allowing of GM crops to be grown. There is still a chance for WA to keep it out of this state, it’s up to our politicians , so don’t hold your breath.

    Good on you Fletch for bringing this to up, and I urge everyone to become aware of this and oppose it.

  4. Oh yeah I forgot , whats the name of that silent, bald headed federal enviro minister, you know , the one who protested load until elected……D#%HEAD thats it!!!!

  5. Monsanto are BAD, I remember driving past a Monsanto building in New York out in the countryside. It was massive and it just looked nasty. People need to do a little research into this company, you will be surprised at what they are into. Have a look at this little bit of info

    Merv I think that bald headed guy should have stayed in the music industry

  6. Signed sealed and delivered …. Onya CF good to see!

    I wont go on one of my rants about Rudd and Co. I think most have read my blog on a coupe of rants ….

  7. Signed Sealed and Delivered … Onya CF, well done 🙂

    I wont go on one of my Rudd and Co rants, you’ve all read my blog …

  8. Don’t think the bald headed dimwhit should of stayed in music either, I think he stuck at that as well.

  9. haha, your probably right Neal, I never bought any of his albums.



    Baldy needs to rewrite the words.

  11. Not sure what this topic has to do with Peter Garrett?, GM should be under the duristiction of the Federal Agriculture Minister Tony Burke.

  12. probably Tom but we can bag all the politicians equally. Anyone who tries to impart their will on the public better get it right or they ar going to cop a shalaking from those who care. Have a look at this guy if you really want to know what is going on he has bought some of my photos too! must be a good bloke.

  13. will do the petition, its sad how huge companys these days can prety much buy there way into and natrual landscape they want! and the local people get nothing, like the outback here and Africa.

  14. We have been genetically modifying crops (and animals) for years through selective breeding programmes, this just takes it to the next level.

    Did you know organic food takes more water and more land area to produce the same amount of food as normal farming practices do now? Either we embrace a product that produces more or start limiting the population.

    While we are on the whole environmental picture, what I would like to see is a combination of nuclear and renewable energy sources replacing the current coal and gas based power generation. A coal fired power station puts out the same amount of radioactive waste through its chimney as a similar capacity nuclear power plant. The benefit of a nuclear plant is that its waste can be contained nicely.

  15. I’m all for a limited population. But get into a whole heap of trouble when I bring the subject up at BBQ’s etc.

  16. Signed!

    I hear you Neal. I have bought up that issue a few times at work and BBQ’s and it always gets a reaction. Most people just look at me strange.

  17. Your on the third person person that maybe thinks along the same line. The only other I have heard mutter it was Sir David Attenborough

  18. Hey Christian,

    Signed it, maybe you should set up a forum as well! I`m not to happy about Plaza Cameras closing the Northbridge store due to internet sales, we need (as photographers) competition between retailers in Perth, and therefore should support the shops that are in business. Anyway I`m off up north, enjoy the silly season down south!

  19. I experienced the worst customer server I’ve experienced for a long time at Plaza Cameras, it was disgusting.

    I’m going to have to start researcing this GM issue, I didn’t realise it was such an issue.

  20. Get KRUDD onto it,

    He can add it to the already list of long things he’s failed to do in his first year.

    Good effort to reach more people on this issue. Maybe the crops will grow heads and eat all the company execs that have approved the growing.

  21. that would be brilliant James, unfortunately it will be us eating their shit, they will be eating the good stuff!
    Get into it Jamie
    Michael I think telling everyone you know is a ggod start. Signing the petition and buying organic food where possible is good too. Enjoy the north.

  22. Try and buy local and small, if you can stay away from the Woolworths and Coles of this world. I either use a little Italian green grocery in balcatta ( his mum makes insanely good cannolis) or wanneroo markets. Every little bit helps, plus I like dealing with small business as much as possible.

  23. Neal that’s good and we do the same at times. Problem with all this is if it get’s a hold then in time small growers will have no choice but to grow GM crops, the old ways will die.

  24. Hey, this is the first time I’m writing on my husbands blog! Just got to disagree with Craig. I’m not sure where you’ve sourced your facts from, but I can’t understand why it would take more land and water to produce an organic crop. On the contrary, there is strong evidence to suggest that it uses about 30% less water and energy, not to mention the other huge benefits – no pesticides, healthier soil and no contaminated water run-off, benefits for the wildlife, biodiversity…. I could go on. GM foods are an unknown entity – studies in rats fed GM food have shown stunted growth and damage to the immune system. Mans attempts at fixing problems in nature (usually caused by us in the first place) – introduction of foxes and cane toad – can do more damage than good and could have bigger implications than before. At the very least, foods should be labelled to give the consumer the choice.
    Regarding nuclear power – yes, it is true that it’s end result, electricity, does appear to have environmental benifits. However, you need to look at the entire process – extraction and enriching of uranium, transport, fabrication of fuel rods, using more water than a typical coal station and management of nuclear waste. The waste is highly radioactive and needs to be stored for upto 10 000 years!!!!!!! How can this be the answer?!!!! We need to focus on renewables – work with nature – and for each of us, as individuals, to think of our impact on the planet. Take our shoes off and walk lightly on the earth and remember that we are animals too.
    On the lighter side, we know someone who calls Kevin Rudd Elmer Fudd 🙂

  25. We should use the light, we should use the wind, we should feed the next generation on vegetables grown in our own gardens, its should be mandatory that every one owns 6 chickens and takes care of them. Chemicals are horribly dangerous. The word nuclear should not exist. Organic foods should be cheaper and more accessible.

    We need to get back to basics, take care of the land and our beautiful environment.


  26. and re cycle big time!

  27. Another thing that really bothers me…… how about the sentencing that has been handed down in the last few days regarding violence. We are so let down by the legal system at present , there appears to be no consistency in what is handed down. One can only feel sorry for those at the forefront of the crime.We should not let this pass unnoticed.

    Ok this is not a social forum …….so on a more cheerful note , due to public pressure I have added to my blog, click on my name below to see the result.

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