Monsanto Mother F@#$

I tried to send Monsanto a message to let them know just how I felt about their company and there is a box that you can uncheck to say you don’t want your personal details shared with others. This is how evil this company is, it won’t let you send them a message unless you consent to letting them share your personal details. Everyone should know about these guys.


~ by christianfletcher on November 28, 2008.

12 Responses to “Monsanto Mother F@#$”

  1. Been there, done this, felt the same way! Done the same regarding feral foxes, dogs and cats too with WA Government.
    Monsanto are pure undistilled evil. If you think they misbehave in Oz, check out what they did to some developing countries in Africa.

    Monsanto’d: Definition = Truly & utterly F@#$^d
    e.g. ‘The government truly monsanto’d me on my tax this year’

  2. Oh, I forgot to mention that Monsanto are mapping the genes of all the breeds of pigs (in Europe). So they can Patent them, and then charge farmers to have or breed them! It was on SBS last year… “Patent for a Pig”!

  3. How do we let this happen? Hopefully with more people talking about it we can stop companies like this in their tracks. They are greedy, evil, anti competitive and a whole list of expletives!

  4. sadly its all money, more money = more power 😦 petitions might help make governments change laws, I saw on sbs other night about rio tinto up north, They made a deal with the Aborignies to give them 3million a year to mine the land and Rio Tinto make 3billion a year from it, not fair.

  5. It is happening because people would rather sit behind their computer and complain, than get out there and do something.

    Take a look at what is happening in Thailand right now. These people are out there trying to to make things happen. They were sufficiently pissed off to do something about it.

  6. uhhhhh….. this is unexpected. Excuse my thickness but what is Monsanto and what are they doing? Whats all this Fuc**** about?!?

  7. It’s a bloody disgrace Will.
    Your right Craig it is about people power, and the will to get up and make a stand for what you believe in.
    Stakky go to for a bit of background material. Tell all you friends, this stuff is happening now and you need to know about it.

  8. Jeez this does look bad… Whilst i could not be stuffed reading the whole thing (i got homework people) a few shits in it caught my attention. One above the rest being “Monsanto has even paid for a law that makes it illegal for a store to advertise that it sells hormone-free milk”
    I mean…. WHAT SORT OF CRAP IS THIS? and how do the get away with it?

  9. completely off topic, but Fletch have you see the new gear Red just announced?
    617 true CCD…. massive sensors, cine or still, modular system…. oh my!
    I was reading it thinking what you guys could do with it…
    Check it out @

  10. After watching “Planet In Peril” a 3 part series on CNN for the second time, this post came to mine. If you get a chance try and catch this 3 part series, it left me asking What have we done already.

  11. There was a very enlightening segment on ABC News Radio 585am here in Perth around 11am on the practices on Monsato and Dupont, if you missed it well worth searching for a podcast of it in a few days as I just did a search and it seems there podcasts come online a few days are broadcast.

  12. thanks Neal will have a look. Cheers

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