Fraser Gallop Wine shots

nigel-2 Doing more work for Fraser Gallop. This is a pic of the man himself. I like this portrait, the barrel rooms are always great to photograph in. No doubt I’ll be adding more of Nigel’s amazing wine to our collection. Clive Otto is the wine maker and he really knows his stuff. Just need to get some work for a brewery now and my life will be complete. Check out their website Fraser Gallop Estate some bloody nice photos on it!! Wonder who the amazing photographer was!!!!


~ by christianfletcher on December 4, 2008.

12 Responses to “Fraser Gallop Wine shots”

  1. great shot again mate…. yes there wines are very very good.

  2. Christian,

    Sorry for swearing but this is a bloody phenomenal and amazing portrait. I love it!!! Crisp and clear yet it captures the subjects reflective mood. Great stuff Fletch.

    Jamie Paterson

  3. thanks fellas, hope Nigel likes it. Swear all you like Jamie.

  4. Super gorgeous portrait, nice work. I really like how you’ve placed him into his environment instead of just doing a close up. Maybe it’s the landscape photographer at work but I reckon portraits, human or animals, are much more interesting when you can see the environment as well.

  5. Very powerful portrait mate.
    Leaning against the barrels make him look like a giant, and gives him a real presence.

    well done.

  6. I like it’s a yep from me ….BUT.. I’d like to see it with the top one and a half barrels cropped off and see what that looks like he’s just a little small in the composition for me. Nice shots on the web site , well done.

    You didn’t get my 5d mk2, but did you get one at all?

  7. Yeah Flemming I like the environmental portraits too, thanks for the comments.

    Thanks Tom, I wanted an epic look to the shot.

    Woohoo a Yep from Merv, I know its a winner now! As for the 5d Merv I didn’t get mine posted till today. Will have in my hot hands by tomorrow.

  8. Will expect to see the first video on the blog tomorrow night.

  9. Really nicely done! not too cropped I like hehe, Portrait nicely portrayed, Brings your eye in into him. “jealous about the 5d”

  10. Happy 5d collection day you rich lucky bastard! I wanna see some video samples. The DP ones are so boring.

    Nice shot as well. like the lighting effects.

  11. thanks boys, Mike and I will definitely be working on a video for the blog. Only problems is we will be fighting over it!! Might get nothing done!

  12. Great environmental portrait,really nice.

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