Adam The Crazy Chef

this is another video from Michael, started out as a test on some presets for his camera and ended with Adam from Meal Up putting on a show. Not only can he cook he can put up with pain!


~ by christianfletcher on December 5, 2008.

5 Responses to “Adam The Crazy Chef”

  1. All chef’s are crazy, Adam does cook some good stuff I’ve eaten there and will go in again this summer.

    I did a wedding video earlier this year and I went into the kitchen with the camera and got a bit of the cooks preparing the meal and a bit of a chat with them nothing to serious , something differant. Then the head chef appeared and went off his tree to me about taking shots in the kitchen, he went crazy. Now I can understand where he was coming from thats ok and there was no harm done, but his attitude left a lot to be desired , one crazy chef.

  2. Looks rather compromising for the poor kid in the background when the quick repetitions begin.

  3. You better come and see me Merv!

    That kid is Travis, I just set him up with my work experience girl. He liked her and she liked him. They will probably spend the next year texting each other, isn’t that what 15 year olds do??? Imagine Stakky at 15 ????, can’t picture it!!

  4. I will be going into Meal Up but not to sure that I can find your gallery from there!!!

  5. Merv you should be in bed now you old bugger.

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