First pic from the 5D

castle-bay1 This was taken at Castle Bay the day the camera arrived. Hard to tell yet if it is any better than the 1Ds mark II on a capture point of view but it must be right??? The benefits are live view on that mega screen and the video capabilities. Should have a short video compilation later this week. Was it worth the money, so far it’s still YES from me!! Four image stitch on the old tripod head! Have to buy a new bracket to attach the camera to the 360 precision.


~ by christianfletcher on December 8, 2008.

20 Responses to “First pic from the 5D”

  1. I so want one … If only I didn’t have a wedding to pay for! You never know … the fiance might soon find herself traded in! FOR SALE – Young Women … will take a 5D mkII in exchange!

  2. I bet the mk2 is cheaper than your wedding 🙂

  3. Christian, I notice on your last two posts that you can’t click on the image to see a larger view of the image. Is that deliberate or have you overlooked something in your excitement with your new toy that you are making us all jealous with?

  4. nice shots but yes ive clicked on each about 20 times trying to make it bigger haha, you should have got the 360 Adjuste Christian! you will probaly see the benifets with the 5dmkII in shadow areas etc less noise I rekon.

  5. It appears that the 5D MKIII specifications just released include an auto-horizon-straightener.

  6. pretty awesome that’s for sure!! maybe one day i’ll get my lil hands on one….

    looking forward to more images from you with it. get out there!! 🙂

  7. I really really like this image mate! 5D is also producing stunners I think!
    Fanbloodytastic image!

  8. Christian with this new wordpress upload thingy you have to click “link to image” when you upload it. Sucks.
    Anyway seems like the 5d is kicking ass! very nice shot. Hurry up with those videos. By the time i have enough cash theres gonna be a mk3… or 4, and the mk2 will be a THING OF THE PAST. HAHAHAHA.

  9. Nice image Christian, Any chance we can see it a little larger?

    Sure does Dylan, I have a 5D that needs a good home that can provide further travel experiences, early mornings, late evenings and tons of time waiting for the light.

  10. Looks pretty amazing so far cant wait to see the results when they have released the raw software

  11. Graeme, wordpress is doing something crazy, it isn’t me.

    Probably will see the different soon enough Will.

    Thanks for the tip Stakky, it works fine now, will fix this image at work tomorrow. Videos coming mate!

    Thanks for the comments guys.

  12. interesting to note here that most people think this is a great image , Dylan even commented FANBLOODYTASTIC.

    Now this is a image basically straight from the camera. Taken probably late morning early afternoon well outside the magic hours. No manipulation, no wild clouds , no graduated layers , no gothic look and people think it is great. i bet it would look great blown up and on a wall.

    My point here is, that a see it as it is image without huge amounts of manipulation can still be a stunning shot.

    We don’t see enough of them these days!

  13. I agree with ya, Merv…

    Looking forward to seeing some of your video footage, Christian. I checked out your Margaret River gallery and stopped by the Dunsborough one also… Love some of the new stuff that you’ve got in them since last time I was down there.

  14. is the link to the large size image. Pretty easy to dig out of the img link in the thumbnail 🙂

    Compared to the 1Ds Mk II you have of course 14 bit colours instead of 12bit on the sensor…although that difference won’t show in a small jpeg of course. For single shots the 21megapixel sensor is a huge benefit of course, compared to 16 in the Mk II and 12 in the old 5D. As a long time 5D user it’s great to see the Mk II still appears to have those nice 5D colours.

    Not too sure about that horizon. Might be a stitch error, but looks half a degree off or something. They should have included a huge digital level for ya on that big lovely 3 inch screen 🙂

    Look forward to more work and vids with the Mk II … still waiting for mine, bloody Canon Denmark!

  15. Merv this image is great in all areas!
    Usually any midday type shots like this dont need much work especially if your shooting in Dunsborough! Here in Perth you might need to clone a piece of dog shit out of the sand!

  16. Yeah right on Merv.

  17. Congrats on the new camera, I’m still waiting on mine. 😦

  18. I have heard it takes a while to get used to a new camera. You deny these myths. Stunning image

  19. Mate
    One of the Elder Statesmen of the Photo Industry said to me this morning.. “these new cameras are now getting so good they are almost idiot proof…. the problem with that is, they attract a lot of idiots ! “

  20. Thanks fellas, Merv se I can still go easy on photoshop, don’t get used to it though. Thanks for the link Flemming, couldn’t work that out!!
    Glad you like the new stuff Beau.
    It was a lucky shot Tom!
    G that is a good line, I’m the biggest idiot around, just ask Jen! Camera geeks always come out when there is something new and exciting, we all probably take it too serious but this is why we are called geeks!!

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