5d mark II Sunrise

point-piquet Photo from this morning. I was on vapours (battery power light flashing red, watch Top Gun) and kept praying please god give me this last shot, you’d do it for Ken Duncan! Anyway I must be in good with him as I shot away and nothing died!! No lightning bolts aimed my way either!! Stitched photo without the pano head. Nothing amazing about the stats, took it like I normally would with the obsolete 1Ds Mark II. Even the battery on the 5D is mint!!! hehe


~ by christianfletcher on December 10, 2008.

13 Responses to “5d mark II Sunrise”

  1. yeah not bad…your just showing off now!!!!

    How about some video?

    Now heres an idea,take two of the same pictures with the 5d and 1d and let’s compare apple’s with apples,just an idea.

  2. too hard Merv, don’t want to go near the 1Ds anymore!

  3. Another nice pic mate…. how did you take the shots if you didnt have the head. Just a tripod head rotation ?

  4. Another Stunner Christian
    Would love to see some of these printed up really large and compare them to the 1ds images

  5. loverly

  6. loverly shot

  7. Those clouds are stunning. Mate does the DNG trick work?

  8. very nice…
    i’m so glad you got this camera, means lots more awesome pics for us to see!! 🙂

  9. yeah this camera is certainly showing its benefits in these results mate! And its got you excited to shoot locally too!

  10. yeah Matt just on the old tripod head, miss the 360 though.

    Flemming the dng trick is brilliant thanks for that.

    yes this camera has got me excited again. Always nice when you can capture what you want and see it so clearly on the screen. We will look back in years to come and wonder how we ever did without it.

  11. Fletch in years to come you will look back on the 5D Mark II screen and think “Man how did I ever shoot with that thing”.

  12. Love the seagull…!!!!

  13. Another great shot mate…. i love the clouds in this one

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