More night shots from the 5D

geo-bay-2 This is a stitch, obviously. Again shot at 800 iso. This one is a little more noisey than the other as I under exposed it by a couple of stops. Doh!!! The end result is pretty good and if printed on canvas would be shmick! Forgot to mention this was taken about 9.15pm in the dark with a bit of moonlight.


~ by christianfletcher on December 10, 2008.

21 Responses to “More night shots from the 5D”

  1. Now that is a yep..a big yep in fact. Love it, fantastic shot.

    Mate that is great stuff, my kinda image.

  2. You just know that I’m taking my camera out tonight now and trying a stich on iso 800. 😉

    That is what sets you apart from the rest of us Mr F. You are always pushing the limits and leaving everyone else to play catch up. Well done.

  3. Impressive considering the time it was taken. If you didnt say it was night then you wouldnt even know.

  4. As Mat was saying if you didnt tell me it was a night shot I wouldnt have even knowen .

  5. Exactly what time was that taken. There must have been still a bit of light around not completely dark dark. I’d guess around 8.30

  6. Going crazy with posts … Shooing now without a Pano head and with a 5D, join the club 🙂

    One thing I have noticed with the images you have posted and the few I have taken this week is the blues are so much clearer with the tone more delicate than the older version of the 5D, the overall color balance seems very much improved from the original 5D and maybe even your 1 series shots although I do not know our processing.

    All seems very clean sharp delicate in the final result …. Cant wait to start traveling with mine soon.

  7. That is a beautiful shot! Wouldn’t win the APPA’s but nothing beautiful rarely does.

  8. I’m with you on the APPA thing Hazel. This would never win.

  9. Nice! Even the horizon is straight 🙂

  10. still loving those clouds!
    just stunning. really like how that bright clouds just tops off the image.

    keep postin like this and you”l be at 200k in no time! 😛

  11. I likes a lot.

  12. nice shot! love the blues.

  13. A yup from Merv again, must be the camera!!

    Jamie your too kind, $50 in the mail

    Yep it was pretty dark, amazing what a hi iso and a bit of moon will do guys

    taken about 9.15 Merv

    Your right Neal the blues are insane, The water shots are way better than on the 1Ds . Thanks for the warm welcome to the exclusive club.

    Hazel the Appa’s are about making something as dark and fuzzy as possible. Saying that I came away from the awards blown away by the talent in Australia. But yes I agree it won’t make it to the APPA’s but should make money, which is the best award you can get!!

    Cropped it straight just for you Flemming.

    Thanks everyone who posted.

  14. I’m really tempted now to buy one.
    Must hold off until next financial year.

  15. You won’t be disappointed Tom.

  16. hi there, your pictures seem to belong in a travel magazine. You make really great shots.

  17. Thanks Ann

  18. But it should be able to win! Christian.

  19. what shutter speed were these taken at?

  20. The others say what they were taken at Stak!

  21. hey Killer, you say you stitched this and used your pano head? very nice mate. a realy nice still night as well. fantastic.

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