January Workshop

two The date for the next workshop I will be holding at my Dunsborough Gallery is Saturday January the 10th 2009. It is my usual workshop that I held all last year. I cover my workflow from capture to fine art printing. You get a workshop manual, free wine and desert and 18 years of experience. Will short track you to taking better photographs. Cost is $250 and starts at 7.30pm at my gallery. Goes for 4 to 5 hours and is relaxed and fun, well I think it is!!! Check my blog for comments regarding the courses if you are unsure about the value of attending.

This photo is from the 5D again, handheld with the 400mm f/5.6. Two images stitched. Neal knows these Grass trees, they are hard to miss driving down Bussell Hwy on the way to Margaret River. Still think they could look brilliant with the right lens and the right light. Or maybe a moonlight shot with the 5D Mark II and a star trail!!! hmmm…..


~ by christianfletcher on December 19, 2008.

13 Responses to “January Workshop”

  1. I know them well, every time I pass I think …. hmmm lights not right. Been almost a year already, how time has it’s way with us.

  2. yep Neal the old hair is going from grey to white!!!

  3. Nice, love the frame job on this as well. Sounds like a star trail would work well with a bit of brent’s light painting technique.

  4. So are the grass trees LOL 🙂

  5. yeah come to think of it Neal it does look like my hair!

    Get Brent over here will ya Matt.

  6. Brents in the UK loving every minute of their crap weather I hear LOL

  7. Is that a species of fungi in the grasstree’s?

  8. No the grass tree in question is ‘Kingia Australis’, they’re the flower heads of the plant. Looked like a crown to the botanist that named it. Most of the other grass trees in WA are Xanthorrhoea’s, here endeth the botany lesson! More importantly, they do photograph well, although the composition is a little too tight for my liking. A little wider and a star trail… I’d like to see that:)

  9. Thanks Matthew,
    I’m usually very good at botany but only in the south east of Australia. They are quite distracting, usually only used to the one flower stem.

  10. Gossiping trees. Love it!

  11. I’ll be their for jan 10th course mate. Can i pay cash on the night again?

  12. For the love of all things purple – do you plan your dates around when I definately cannot attend 🙂
    I swear that you have a calendar with big red crosses on the days that I am or could be available. le sigh

    Nevermind though, I will make it eventually. Have a safe and happy Christmas all.


  13. hhhmmm i found these grasstrees today. woo hoo.

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