5D Mark II Video clip

Finally Michael has come up with a snippet from the new 5D. As usual looks brilliant. Not long but a good start. Compare this to the quality of his old XH-A1 and it is amazing how much better it is. Check it out. Don’t forget to watch this on Vimeo in Hi Def.


~ by christianfletcher on December 20, 2008.

20 Responses to “5D Mark II Video clip”

  1. No doubt about it, it is fantastic. well done and now I can,t wait for the next installment.
    It can only get better I,m sure.

  2. Great production guys! Enjoyed watching it and it made me miss Perth…

    I would have thought the aperture would be the same whether in still or video mode. Ah well.

  3. Very nice , the video quality looks excellent.

    He’s done it again with the music as well. Who’s it by this time?

  4. Very impressive… nice footage with the camera in the car. Very smooth. So I guess we will be seeing the AH-A1 for sale soon then.

  5. Wow, to have HDV built into a DSLR for that price is just awesome. The flexibility for Wedding photographers to film and photograph will open new doors, especially for web designers/photographers with video becoming more frequent on the web. A whole new era has dawned.

  6. Great stuff. Simple but effective. I though I saw my car drive by!@
    ‘Tis a great camera and the video potential is enormous (… if we could only have manual control!)

    I look forward to seeing more of Michaels creativity with this camera in the months to come.

  7. Hey thats great,

    Nice feel to the movie.

    Best wishes for Christmas

  8. Awesome footage… I just picked up my 5d MKII today after making the switch from that other brand…. am so looking forward to working it out and having fun with it…..

    Merry Christmas guys


  9. Pete you could almost buy one of these hey, come on you know you could!

    Nah Beau, if it is too bright it can’t handle it so it stops the aperture down. You can get around this with a ND filter but it increases the noise.

    Merv I think the music is by Moby

    Matt the XH-A1 is gathering dust.

    Rod is that other brand Nikon??? glad to have you on board, welcome to team Canon.

    thanks to everyone for your comments.

  10. Yeah, that other brand is/was Nikon. Had a D300 and sold it to get the 5dMKII and so far am pretty happy… I think the biggest thing I DONT like about it is the stoopid little switch to turn it on and off……. but I am sure I will learn to live with it

    Thanks for having me as part of team canon


  11. after watching this last night I had a dream I was shooting video with a 5d mkII 😦 lol, is really well put together video hard to believe a dslr took it, lens with aperture ring would be the go!

  12. Welcome Rod, any Nikon user is welcome if you turn towards the light!!!
    thinking about the zeiss lenses Will, that will do it!

  13. Dude thats Freakin awesome quality… and filming as well. damn you and your moolah!!

  14. “too bright it can’t handle it so it stops the aperture down”

    Ah, yeah that makes sense.

  15. nice test videos your brother did there christian looks like the cameras going to be great for HD video as well

  16. Haven`t used this expression since I got back from NZ so here goes…SWEET AS BRO! Merry Christmas to all in the brotherhood of Christian Fletcher.

  17. Stakky, your actually richer than me if you take my debt out of the equation! Go get one of those bad boys mate, it is the best dslr I have had yet.

    Yeah Beau it does make sense, just need to get another ND that isn’t too dark to compensate.

    Kirk it is wicked, I did a christmas video and some of the moments of the kids opening presents were brilliant.

    Michael, cheers BRO!!!!

  18. Christian,
    Awesome video work with the 5DII! What software are you using for editing? I’ve been toying around with getting into video. I’m working on building my fine art portfolio to put on line.

    WI, USA

  19. Hi Ron, Michael uses Final Cut Studio 2. It is one awesome program but takes a lot of learning. Will have a look at you stuff. Cheers

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