Team Putt

Hi all, hope your Christmas was a great one and Santa bought you a 5D mark II, or something almost as good. Hopefully there were no Nikons in the sack this year. I wouldn’t want shares in that company now the 5D mark II is out.
We just had a visit from the one and only Tom “Tommy P” Putt and his wife Rebecca and kids. It was a great afternoon spending time with arguably one of Australia’s sexiest self proclaimed photographers. Tommy P or just P as I like to call him, rocked up like the rockstar he is, in a chauffeur driven limo with all the fruit. I was lucky to have some freshly shucked oysters and a bottle of Grange for him as this is what he must have on a regular basis. We talked about all sorts of things from him to what he was doing and just laughed and laughed. You know what, he probably is the sexiest photographer on the planet, after Peter Eastway and Ken Duncan. oh and mate the hair piece looked perfect. Cheers guys for a fun arvo. The man!


~ by christianfletcher on December 28, 2008.

21 Responses to “Team Putt”

  1. give me 5 years and ill be the sexy self proclaimed photographer who unexpectedly rolls up in a futuristic maserati limo. You’d better keep your oyster supply up buddy.

  2. Sounds like you had a great time 😉

  3. ….. Nikons aren’t that bad….. im trying to keep that company afloat with the new canon crap coming out hahaha…. is there any other nikon users out there???? besides the great Scott Kelby…..??

  4. Alright enough is enough. Don,t worry Clint I,m still here with you, I reckon if Christian had a D700 he would be just as happy it,s just that he is a bit one eyed at the moment. Give it time and I,m sure he come to his senses and realize what he has been missing. To be honest i would like both as they have each got there good points, but don,t tell him that, he would just become unbearable.
    Well I,m off to take some photos with my fantastic,outstanding, unbelievable,brilliant,sensational NIKON
    cheers Pete.
    ps I will probably get moderated for this but it,s worth a try, haha

  5. Keep dream’n fellas!! Canons rule!!!

    As for you Stakky, I’ll never call you sexy! But hopefully one day there will be a girl out there for you mate. The Canon eos 5D mark II just makes it easier to pick up chicks!! Unless of course your 43, grey and have a beer gut. Then nothing will helps 😦

  6. Look at the noise comparison between the d3x and 5d mkII shows how good value the 5d mkII is 🙂 now I just have to save for one 😦

  7. OK this is a no win situation I can see,but I still won,t be changing to a canon just out of spite. Down with the CCC.

  8. hahahaah thanks Peter good to see there is more nikons out there….

  9. Bit of a boys blog this one…but I’ll put my two bob’s worth in anyway and agree that canon’s rock!! And looking forward to the day I too can roll on into Dunsborough in a limo .._arhhh dream on baby_.

  10. Nikon, Canon, Pentax…. its what you do with it guys and the sexiest photographer in the world works at PRA and could make magic with any brand!
    Happy Christmas one and all.

  11. What do you mean Hazel…..I don’t work at PRA!!

  12. LOL Merv. I thought you did!

  13. Does anyone call him mini?

  14. Hi mate, santa did get me my 5D Mk II just in time for chrissie – shop called me on the 23rd! Will post my first shots in a few days.

    If only Canon could use the Nikon lenses without an akward adapter! The Nikon 14-40mm wideangle zoom is many times better than any wideangle lense that Canon has ever done. Come on Canon, time to do a killer wideangle lens!

  15. Nothing related to this post however I thought I´d just say how much more I liked you Christian after hearing that you were a Cog fan. There is nothing more I enjoy doing then driving to my next shoot and relaxing myself with the windows down and Cog glaring on the stero. Anyone who hasn´t given them a listen are missing out. Such easy listening and thier songs are so easy to connect with. Lucky for me I´ll be seeing them this Saturday. Anyway way sorry about that – back to taking about Tom Putt and the 5D Mark II…

  16. Greetings from Tom “Tommy P” Parkes.
    I think Tom Putt is slowly stealing my identity.

    Here is a link to an independent review on the 5D MKII.
    It has some ISO comparisons between the 5D and the 5D MKII.

    Here is a link to HD movie from a Canon 5D MKII and a 24mm Tilt-Shift lens mounted to a radio controlled helicopter. Yes Michael will need to get a radio controlled helicopter.

    Tom “Tommy P” Parkes

  17. Word to the wise… if anyone has joomla based software running their websites, check for updates as I am continually getting hacked and getting really peeved as I can`t upload my images (taken on a canon – of course). Just thought I would use this blog to get it out there as everyone wants to know what WA`s pinup boy is doing (as per P`s ad in Better Photography mag).

  18. Ric COG are brilliant, will see them at the big day out in Feb. Taking the camera for some pics of the action. Should be fun.

  19. Hazel are you talking about G ?

    I’ll speak to my Canon people for ya Flemming.

    Tommy P is the other Tommy P trying to steal your thunder? Thanks for the links.

    Michael, I sent your post on to Peter Eastway, he is using Joomla, cheers

  20. If G is MG then indeed I am Christian.

  21. No worries Fletch, mine should be restored later today, but my senses tell me it will happen again. Hope new years was good and the insane crowds down south are buying up big. There is no one up north, 8 peeps staying @ Karijini, spent the whole day in Kermit`s and no one came down. Perfect working holiday.

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