Date for Exhibition

invite-to-exhib This is an invitation to everyone to join me at the opening of my latest exhibition of photographs to be held at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre. The details are below. Please let me know if you can make it on the night as we have to arrange catering

~ by christianfletcher on January 2, 2009.

34 Responses to “Date for Exhibition”

  1. Would love to attend the opening… I’ll shoot an email over to confirm a place .. thanks look forward to seeing your exhibition.

  2. Definatly would like to attend will just have to make sure im not working then and will confirm with you shortly .

  3. Hi Christian,

    Its a given that I’ll be there. If you need help you only need to ask. 🙂


  4. Would love to go. Any chance of you flying me (the international superstar) over for the opening ?

  5. Put me down for 2 peeps to attend, look forward to it.

  6. Id love to come to this, I dont work saturdays so should be good 🙂

  7. Cant believe my hubby is actually off shift for this, so I would love to come….. if you dont mind me bringing the baby???? Im sure she will be good and she wont drink much??!! haha lol

  8. Shane and I will be there, definately.

  9. Hey Christian…I’ll be in Perth again in March. I will do my BEST to drop by the exhibition. We must catch up again! (Louis, your fan from Malaysia!)

  10. Im sure I will be able to make it but will have to double check when I get back to Perth tonight and will let you know soon!

  11. I would love to come, but will need to be flown over also. Maybe Flem can swing by and pick me up 😛

    Hope it all goes well, Christian.

  12. Hey Christian, please put Ingrid and I down for your exhibition. If anyone needs a lift might be able to squeeze a few in the big Prado!

  13. Geez this photo looks great this time around. I would like to come to your exhibition but will have to tie it in with the light fantastic thing so i will let you know shortly.should be fine though.
    I bet Merven has put his hand up already, if not it,s because he is having a bludge down your way for a couple of weeks and can,t get to a computer.

  14. Sounds great, however, I might need Flemming and Beau to pick me up in the chartered learjet.

  15. Sounds great Christian ! I’d love to get along if it was about 3000km closer ! (thanks for adding to the blogroll too btw)
    All the best with it.

  16. Hey, here’s an idea. Why don’t you get the premier to open the exhibition? Then you can get your name in the west again and some of us get to tell him (politely) what a wanker he is. Everyone’s happy, fun times 🙂 If not, how about Brendan Gryllis (I think that’s how you spell his name). Regional kinda guy, into helping out areas other than the Perth Metro area….

    Brendan Grylls was my husband’s idea and no attempt shall be undertaken at any time by myself to try to intimate otherwise. 😀

  18. Sorry christian, we can’t make it. My family changed the dates for my grandmother’s birthday party to accomodate people flying in from over east. Guess what date they changed it to? We will come and have a peek at the exhibition itself, just can’t make the opening 😦

  19. Is there seriously gonna be free food? Like…. the free variety of FREE FOOD?! oh yeah and ill get to meet the main man Fletcher.
    I’d sure as hell like to come, but first ill have to consult the Dad. Whats the latest i can get back to you?

  20. I have started a list of those who have put their hand up to come so see you then.

    Yes its free food Stakky, but only in short supply so get in early. And yes you will get to meet the “Man”.

  21. Hey Christian, it would be nice to go along to the exhibition and see some of your latest work. Will there be any new images taken with the new 5D II, it would be great to see some work prduced with it? Is there any room on that list?

  22. Hi Wendy, yes you can come to the exhibition, your on the list. Let me know if you want to bring someone too. There will be lots of pics from the 5D mark II to look at.

  23. Bloody weddings, my wife is a brides maid that night, do you think she will notice if i go AWAL to attend.
    I guess i’m going to have to drink enough beer to compensate for the dissapointment.
    Don’t forget the credit cards, have a great night everyone.

  24. Me, hubby and baby will be there!! Ive got a babysitter for the kids so this will be great!!!

  25. Hey Christian ,
    Wont be able to make it opening night sorry I forgot I will be in Sydney for then few days . But will deffinatly check it out durring the week

  26. no problems Dave and Kirk, will see you on the night Donelle.

  27. Hi Christian, I hope I’m not too late… I’d love to attend (2 please):-)

    I’ve been on holidays, what more can I say for neglecting your blog page!

  28. Plenty of room Karen, have put you on the list. Cheers

  29. Hi Christian, we haven’t met yet. I’m booked for the August cruise with you. I would very much like to see your exhibition. Can I let you know definiately in a week or so, please?

  30. Heya Christian, I’d love to come (2 places please) – looking forward to it!


  31. Thanks Lisa, I’ll add you to the list. Would be great to see you on the night.

  32. Hi, Christian, at this stage, please put Janet down for 2, please.
    Looking forward to meeting you.

  33. […] another note don’t forget that Christian Fletcher’s exhibition is coming up soon.  Make sure you turn up to support an extremely talented West Australian […]

  34. hi Christian

    will the exhibition be open on the Saturday during the day??
    I can’t make it to the official opening, but definitely I must get to see it at some stage.
    Saturday during the day’s looking my best bet but i’m not sure if you’d be getting it all ready for that night?? i know it’s running now, just can’t get time to get down there.

    looking forward to it though!!

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