Karri Valley Morning Shoot



~ by christianfletcher on January 5, 2009.

20 Responses to “Karri Valley Morning Shoot”

  1. Both very nice shots CF … This one would be my fav of the 2, I like the misty reflection.

  2. yeah lovely composition and the white trees against the blue and green, very nice.

  3. That’s a classic shot CF! I like the misty water, did you put a line in while you were down there?

  4. Wonderful mate, nice work.
    Love how the dead trees abut the living.

  5. Love this shot mate…. wish I was in WA to see the exhibition next month huh…


  6. Nice shot!

  7. Good stuff! Nice mist and reflections – oh the serenity!

  8. that would be right! I leave town and u go off shooting!
    Great shot btw

  9. yeah love this shot!
    the atmosphere of the misty water really is special

  10. Pure Magic!

  11. Hauntingly serene and peaceful image Christian ! I like it a lot… awesome stuff !

  12. This image is brilliant!

  13. This image is brilliant!

    I get to go out with Mark Temov and give my old high schools new mk 2 a test run before those school kids get to it! 🙂

  14. Great Shot Christian this would be my fav as well out of the two

  15. Very nice fletchey… First pan in a while.

  16. Hey Christian

    Just wondering if all 5D Mk11 issues are sorted ie RAW files and brackets for pano head? How does the 360 pano head go in the wind? I have noticed movement with the Manfrotto head of mine even though it appears more heavily constructed. O yeah and the reflection in this 1 is filth. Thanks

  17. Great shot! I photographed those same dead trees at Karri Valley a few years ago. For some reason mine are nowhere near as good as that though… I think I need one of those 5D Mark II cameras!

  18. Thanks everyone for the kind comments, I think this is a special shot too.

    Matthew I didn’t go fishing but I saw some guys cleaning up, had 6 in the bucket.

    Sorry Tom, missed it by that much!!!

    Enjoy it Dylan that screen is going to make you cry!

    Michael, I upgraded to CS4 which is doing my head in. Why do they change things, they should just add to it. I tell you don’t get it without Scott Kelbys new CS4 book.
    Camera raw 5.2 can read RAW files from the new 5D. I’m not using the 360 anymore and haven’t had a problem yet with stitching. Just use the old trust tripod and normal head. Could have saved myself $1500.

    Emma the camera certainly did help and I had set the white balance manually to get a nice colour. It’s a bit of skill, good equipment and a whole lot of luck.

  19. this one is absolutely stunning Christian. Nice composition,the colours are fantastic…I love it heaps=]

  20. Amazing shot Christian, photos like this are going to put Peter Lik out of a job! Would love to see the print quality & detail of this one, I think it would be stunning.

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