Michaels Video of Hamelin Bay etc!

This is another one from Michael all shot with the 5D mark II this time. Love the shallow depth of field and the lighthouse shots are superb. Check it out. It has been hosted on Vimeo HD which is a big deal. Will be getting thousands of hits on it per day hopefully. Makes my piddly 956 hits a bit average!!


~ by christianfletcher on January 22, 2009.

19 Responses to “Michaels Video of Hamelin Bay etc!”

  1. Some really nice footage in there, and Michael certainly knows how to pick a killer soundtrack for his vids.

  2. Do you do that cool darkening the edges in Photoshop? Maybe with cameras like the 5d mkII, photographers will have to become videographers too?

  3. He should making commercials, so much better than the crap currently getting produced. Some really cool camera angles … Magic spot down there.

  4. Fletcher brothers do good work

  5. Very nice, mind blowing, the amount of potential that camera has.
    The quality is just awesome, even compressed on the net.

    Great work.

  6. another great video!

  7. Another great production. Some of those shots of the lighthouse almost look like your in a video game. The worst thing about the film is that it ends. 😦

  8. Gorgeous work as always from Michael!

  9. Beautifully put together. I melted into my seat watching that one.

  10. Really lovely stuff.
    Did Michael have to resort to any “tricks” to keep the DoF so shallow (given the lack of aperture control in 5D2 vid?


  11. come on guys your going to give Michael a bigger head than me! Steve you set up your shot with live view. Then turn live view off. Then disconnect the lens just a little so the contacts are out of alignment then turn live view back on, problem solved and lots of nice shallow DOF. Don’t ask what it might do to the camera though!

  12. Very Nice video, That Trick sounds handy too!.

  13. Hey Killer, Michaels getting very good with the 5D2, hes going to be takeing over with your landscapes soon. well done Michael the videos are great, I suppose you cannot pan around too much as you would have to adjust the apeture setting for the different light conditions, and it doesnt do that yet. dont worry cannon will sort that all out soon Im sure.

  14. Another fantastic short film by Michael ! His angles and compositions are really creative and good. It must take a long time to edit and put together… ?

  15. Another Great video Christian , love his choice in sound clips as well they go well with the clips

  16. Thanks for that detach lens trick, I didn’t know about that. Might stuff up the camera someday though 🙂

  17. He is on notice Nige, It takes him too long Tony. Yeah it could stuff the camera Flemming, do some tests for us will you!!!!

  18. picked up my 5d mkII on friday woo! too scared to try this lens detatch trick haha.

  19. […] the EOS 5D, although I’ve never been that interested in video, the results from the likes of Michael Fletcher and Vincent Laforet are very […]

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