Australias Top Photographers Awards

Hi all

Was shown a link to these awards. One of the ways to enter is to be nominated by others so if you feel that you would like to nominate me 😉 go to this page Australia’s Top Photographers It closes on the 30th of this month so hopefully you think I’m worthy and you have the time to fill in the easy entry form. I would be very grateful. Cheers


~ by christianfletcher on January 28, 2009.

19 Responses to “Australias Top Photographers Awards”

  1. Done 🙂

    Shame their emerging photographer of the year link does not work after you make a nomination.


  2. Thanks heaps Neal, I’ll have a look into that and see if I can find a way to nominate you. Cheers mate.

  3. Neal go to this link, it tells you how you can enter,
    You have until the 20th of Feb to get your images in. You have a bloody good chance of winning this.

  4. Thanks CF. I’m on it … Now which 6 should I choose hmm …

  5. Neal do you sneek under the age criteria?

  6. Done CF!! No worries there:) Shame I miss out in the age bracket of emerging photographer but perhaps I could fall under ‘art’ category?
    cheers jules

  7. Damn the fine print, just missed out Merv.

  8. Hey Jules and Neal, I miss out on the criteria all round, age and ability !!

    When we all see the winner’s we will say ” That’s not much, I could have done that”

  9. Just nominated you for art and landscapes, Christian. Good luck!

  10. Hi CF, Just nominated you . good luck.

  11. All done Christian, enjoy the weekend everyone looks like reasonable weather…

  12. thanks everyone for nominating me, still a good opportunity there for any of you who are eligible for the emerging photographer award. Great exposure. If I win I will be sure to share any prize money with you in the way of a free beer. Cheers

  13. Hiya, nomination done!!! Good Luck 🙂

  14. Good luck to you (and Mattie from Sydney):)

  15. Done Christian good luck 🙂

  16. hey Christian, you know you could have nominated yourself and that you can only nominate once??? so why are you asking all your wannabees to do your dirty work???

  17. Seems I didn’t read the fine print as noted by Tommy P. Sorry to waste everyones time. It is true I could have nominated myself. Thanks Tom, I assume you nominated yourself???

  18. Evans and I did a deal…

  19. Good look!

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