Cog @ the Big Day Out

cog-comp  Here are a few pics of my favourite Aussie band Cog. I managed to negotiate the 40,000 smelly teenagers to get these pics. I tell ya I’m getting old. I have forgotten what it is to be a young buck trying to impress the girls. All I try to do these days is impress you photo geeks. It was stinking hot and way too crowded for my liking. Give me a lonely beach and a killer sunset any day. Oh Christian you old fart!!! p.s. check out COG Here They have a good message behind those nasty guitar riffs. There is nothing I like better to get me inspired to murder some pixels!! Watch out other photographers if you get in my shot!!! 😦 All shot handheld with the 400mm at iso 800 from memory. Oh and the 5D mark II of course.


~ by christianfletcher on February 2, 2009.

19 Responses to “Cog @ the Big Day Out”

  1. Nice shots!! I’m not as old as you (ahem! – can I still come to your exhibition? 🙂 ) and even I felt old yesterday…until Neil Young came on. I was shooting for a UK website and got some great shots of the Artic Monkeys. It was bloody hot though!!

  2. Handheld! Very impressed.

    I’d take the lonely beach, killer sunset to once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see my favourite band anyday. Esp if it involves a crowd of teenagers…. i guess that makes me an old fart too…

  3. Fletch at the BDO, man you are cool.

    Love the expression on the drummers face.

  4. You’re just an old groupie.

    Next thing you’ll be in the front row at a Pink concert.

  5. Great shots . Umm the girly white border… not sure.

  6. I don’t mind the girly white border, you could maybe try a silver one with white text. I do really like the tone that the photo takes on.

  7. yes Sandra too hot for my delicate skin!! Yeah even Neil Young is too old for me. I listened to some of his stuff but was a couple of years from his peak period.

    Charlene I won’t be letting my daughter go till she is 35. Too many young boys with evil intent! She is going to be a nun anyway…………. if I have my way!!

    James, too cool for school buddy! I just don’t like crowds, drugs, pissed bogans, stupid girls and really old people!! Sorry Merv!

    Hazel you are so hard core! so when are you and MG going to get together. We could make it a blog relationship.

    Silver Wendy, might be something new!

  8. Oi there, you need to check your own story b4 you post it. I think you meant to say, ‘negotiate THROUGH the 40,000 teenagers’ bla bla. I’m still waiting to see the Butterfly Effect pics, or did you go home early? Good pics tho’

  9. Nice pics, COG are good one of the bands i would have watched if I did go, wasnt keen for that heat though haha.

  10. That’s funny…. to blog or not to block the new age question.

  11. Nice shots Christian. Cog put on a good show.

    I actually saw you walk past with backpack on just after they finished. I remember thinking… “hmmmm that OLD guy looks a lot like Christian Fletcher”, turns out it WAS you.

    It was a good day overall, bloody hot though!

  12. i would have been one of those smelly teens if i knew the show was on. Cogs pretty awesome, a lot like my other favorite band Machinae Supremacy… they get Stakky certification.

  13. COG are so cool there on the intro to the cricket. BDO not the same as what it was… back in my day (1992) I was 15, it cost $30, it was at Fremantle oval and there were no police! Good shots too mate.

  14. No Chrisso, I negotiated the teenagers, like in a ninja movie with one guy beating the crap out of everyone else. I was that one guy. And a Butterfly Effect were on past my bed time!

    Yeah Luke I was the old guy with that annoyed look after getting 40,000 heads in my shots!

    I remember those first ones Michael, I was still too old to go!!

  15. Great set of pics, awesome treatment … But I am going to have have a beef here …. The treatment of your new 5D Mrk II …. taking it to a teen infested bogan and booze filled area is not showing the love for that camera … Bad bad CF … I think you should be made to hand back the camera for a week as penance .. no apon more thought, make that 2 weeks.

  16. hahaha love the comments! i have finally gotten out of event photography and will be substituting that line of work for a cosy night club managers role… but not before i have to shoot some REALLY heavy indonesian metal band and future music festival (where i’m sure i’ll be the only person there who hasn’t got pupils the size of dinner plates) Any tips for the metal gig? i haven’t done anything like it… it’s in a venue though so i don’t think i’ll be getting the light you were for COG

  17. WOW you went to the BDO sweeeet! I went but didn’t take my cam and missed COG ( I think i was dancing away in the silent disco when they were on)! the photos are really good, and oh i like the white border=]


  18. yeah Neal it was a silly move taking my baby to the BDO but she has been sprayed with salt and covered with dust, the beer might just get her clean!
    Jack, keep your iso up and fill the frame. The lighting should be good enough to get some awesome pics. Iso 800 would be a good starting point and open your aperture right up. Watch out for flying people.

    Glad you like the white border Kelly 🙂 I saw the silent disco, on the bumper car track wasn’t it? Looked weird with the headphones on, but I guess when your a teenager anything goes!

  19. nice to see something different, just took a stroll through the gallery while I briefly stopped over in WA for 5 days

    still yet to shoot COG myself 😦
    but how did you get a 5DMKII & 400mm prime in without a press pass???

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