Total BBQ Ban at Bunker Bay

bbq This was a pretty serious fire we had here this afternoon at Bunker Bay. When I left the fire had spread from Sugarloaf Rock Road to the very point at Shelley Beach, Bunker Bay. It will all be gone. On a positive note, might get some great photo opportunities tommorrow. :-). Shame about all the animals that are killed during the fire. Started by a fire at the top of a lamp post. Western Power have some explaining to do.


~ by christianfletcher on February 7, 2009.

13 Responses to “Total BBQ Ban at Bunker Bay”

  1. Thought i might see a posting from you on the fire. Heard about it on the news tonight, sounds pretty serious. the shot looks like you up high somewhere and tells the story pretty well. a bit more flame would have been good, for the photo that is but probably not for the poor buggers living there though.

  2. Wow good thing I stayed in Perth this weekend then! Western Power will have a great excuse I used to live next to a sub station in Scarborough, one humid night and lack of maintenance it blew up at 4 in the morning scared the absolute crap out of me! consequently the house was put on the market a week later. Stay safe mate.

  3. Impressive shot… it is such a shame how these fires start sometimes. The only good thing that comes out of them is the photo opportunities that are grated for us photographers from them.

  4. Impressive image Christian ! I’m guessing you pulled out the 400mm for this one. Hope the fire situation is under control and all is safe.

  5. See thats what happens when you surrender the BBQ to the wife …. Hmm might go play Surrender by Cheap Trick.

  6. Bad joke no Stakky approval but love the shot. Guess even youll light a fire to see the planes!

  7. awwww that’s so sad! Hope it’s not as bad as we’re all expecting

  8. great capture christian , as michael said shame about how all these people are lighting these fires though

  9. Love the shot. Shame about the bush, though the photographic potential of recently scorched earth is alluring. More of King’s Park was toasted Friday, and then the tragedy in Vic. I think things really are hotting up.

  10. Great shot. I was in MR for a wedding at Clairault Winery on Saturday night. Some of the guests stayed at Bunker Bay and had to be evacuated before the wedding. Only problem was they weren’t dressed yet so they had to get changed in a public toilet. Great wedding, slept in till 7am so I missed sunrise

  11. Yeah i just heard of the vic fire. Jeez that one was horrible.

  12. The fire didn’t cause any real damage, luckily. After what has been happening in Victoria it makes you think differently about fire and how you would love to get amongst it to get some pics. Sure it would make some interesting shots and light but it isn’t worth it. Commercially no one would buy a shot of a beautiful forest burnt out just to hang on their wall. Yes this shot was taken with the 400. The light was pretty average so trying to make it look better was hard.

  13. Great Shot????? Sad shot more like.

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