To answer a few questions

Hi all, sorry if I haven’t been getting back to people regarding their questions. I thought I send in one post that will help solve all the riddles of the universe and beyond! OK lets go:-

I no longer use a pano head. The old 360 precision has been sold to a mate who runs a 1Ds Mark III. It didn’t fit the new 5D anyway so I thought I had better just make do with what I had. What I have found is I don’t need the pano head but what I do have kind of works the same. PT GUI is so good anyway it fixes plenty of stitching stuff ups. So I have one of these and one of these
I put it all together on my old shitty Manfrotto tripod with a three way head, you know the old style ones before all the fancy pistol grip crap came out. And guess what???? it works a treat. So there you are save your money and buy this gear. Speak to Brendan at PRA Imaging in Perth. Tell him I sent ya so he will feel like he owes me!!! hehe

The exhibition ends this weekend and I am having a talk on the images, how I took them etc and a general run down on each one. Everyone is welcome but it is not a workshop hence the cost “zero, zilch, nada, nothing” It is just a get together so I can share my experiences with who ever is interested. Hope to see you guys there. There will obviously be some insight as to how I achieved the pics so it will still be informative. It kicks off at 1pm this Sunday the 8th of March at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre. If you haven’t seen the exhibition yet Sunday will be your last chance.

Thanks for all the comments on the book, I have gone off all the covers now, I’m sick of them already. Will keep developing new ideas for comment.

The TNFP shirt was officially launched last week at the exhibition. I have orders for 6 so far but expect this number to increase dramatically after this post “hint, hint” I am still averaging about 6 google searches a day for people wanting to find out about the TNFP filter. Don’t get on the bandwagon too late when it is no longer cool to have a TNFP shirt. I have mine on today and feel pretty good when people ask me what it means, except of course when it is a nice little old lady. I will be wearing it to PMA this year and will be on the lookout for others that might turn up in the crowd. $35 is so cheap for a custom Limited Edition shirt anyway.


~ by christianfletcher on March 3, 2009.

31 Responses to “To answer a few questions”

  1. Hi killer, ok good to see you answered my info, I have all that as well but attached to the 303plus pano head. which allows you to do all the horizonat stuff. but what about those vertical stitches?
    would love to vist the gallery but Im a bit too far away at the moment.
    have a good day.

  2. Another Question…why didn’t you put those accessories in as a link, it’s too hard to type all that stuff in just to have a look.

    My pano head is still doing the job.

    Hope the exhibition has been a success and you don’t have to take too many prints home.

  3. Ah Merv you are so low fi. Have you heard of the old cut and paste??? I don’t want to make it all too easy for you. so this is what you do. Highlight the text, hit command C, then open another tab in your browser, to do this hit Command T then select the box where you would normally type in the URL and hit command V. Ok it would have been easier to add in a proper link but then that would have been harder for me, so basically I’m as lazy as you! :-0) As for the exhibition, I’ll be taking most of them home Merv, unless you come and buy some :-0) Good stock to have for Easter but if I didn’t have a gallery to put them in I would be stuffed.

    Nige, easy two images, one on top of the other!!

  4. Ohhhh …is that how you cut and paste, always wanted to know how to do that.

    I’d just prefer you to do the work rather than me, so basically I’m as lazy as you. We have so much in common it’s uncanny.

  5. I know, we could be twins!!

  6. I have been stitching perfect panos for years and never owned a pano head. As long as the tripod is perfectly level and you don’t have objects very close to the lens then you’ll be fine I reckon! I shoot a lot of single shots as well so can’t be bothered with a pano head, a Gitzo ball head works fine for me!

    Thanks for The Copy Paste Tutorial = (TCPT) New shirt maybe? 🙂

  7. Ill take a shirt mate…… how do i get em ?

  8. I tried shooting some pannos without my panno head but if i shoot to wide things dont line up, Think i like about the 360 is its quik to line up and shoot and you have the click things when turning, althought with the mkII im shooting more single shots cos of the high res haha.

  9. Correction to Christian’s instructions: on my keyboard and I suspect a good portion of us all it’s CONTROL key, not this mythical “command” key that should be used to invoke the act of copying and pasting text, and even opening a new tab in your browser.


    PC Users Unite !!!!!!!

    um, photography, yeah, we all have cameras, right (phew, just managed to get back on topic there!)

  10. What size do you need Rod?

    Brett, any more swearing on a mac users site and you will be struck off. 🙂

  11. I should be able to make this sunday provided my swollen tonsils decide to relax a little!

  12. Ah ha, thats how you do it. I always get my legs level, but I never 100% level with my camera. Only about half my stitches work properly.

  13. A big one mate….. maybe 2XL or 3XL depending wether or not your getting the slim fit design for athletes like yourself

  14. Thanks for the info Christian. So you’re really not worried about nodal point stuff, or is PTGUI now good enough to correct the parallax shift of near foreground objects?

    I’ll see the exhibition this weekend, looking forward to it.


  15. no probs Rod, will put your order in.

    Steve I use a 50mm for stitching so nothing is really that close in the foreground. I make sure nothing is close also because of depth of field problems. PT Gui is brilliant though for stitching.

  16. A treasure trove of information …

  17. Yes really good info, haydan you dont have to have the legs level, just the horisen, ask flemming he seems to know how to get that right.
    So Killer all that stuff we had to learn about hyperfocal distance etc goes out the window with the pano heads etc.

  18. I kind of guessed and bought a ‘341’ on Saturday, tried it out and it works fine. Way more solid than the Panosaurus and less equipment to take packing. I keep a simple chart with the focal lengths I use in my camera bag with the hyper focal lengths but only use it where I have a lot of foreground. For nerds like me this will help:
    It even lists by camera make, easy peasy:)
    Good to hear that sales of the iTNFP shirt are up (come on chap’s get with the program, key words’ They’ll only be a few’), besides I want to wear one to my first ever PMA as I’ll be in Sydney while it’s on.
    Hope to see you on Sunday, it’s too good an opportunity to miss

  19. no Nige it is still relevant, the hyperfocal distance is the best way to get the maximum DOF, just don’t stitch anything to close in the foreground.

  20. matt you and me both, can’t wait to be mobbed by TNFP fans from all over Australia. Your going to love PMA it is a lolly shop for photographers.

  21. Hey those links look familiar 🙂 haha. When you wear your shirt fletch at PMA this year I’ll stand next to you with a shirt that says “I’m with stupid” 😉

  22. yeah thanks for the links Matt !!! as for the shirt mate, when I have sold 100,000 your shirt can read I’m with the inventor of the TNFP myth, I’m just stupid!!! 🙂

  23. Go on Mr Lauder, you know you want an iTNFP t-shirt really, give in to the light side.

  24. another question, when are we going to see a new CF website?

  25. Dan it is just about ready. Because we have two sites it is taking longer. It will be some time in the next two weeks.

  26. Ok Fletcher now answer this: What should I get for a pano head? is your setup easy? i’ve already got the shitty manfrotto and 3 way head and i want to save some cash but is the pano head good for a noobie like me? i might get one this weekend

  27. Sean I got a 360 Adjuste which is awesome imo sitting on a 3 way head cos im broke lol.

  28. Sean the answer is in the original post, don’t you kids read at school? What i use now is easy and cheap, go get it.

  29. mmmm cheap it is. Works with foreground i hope.

  30. Any chance on getting the name of that mysterious linked item Christian? – the link is down and out.

  31. what link is that Dean, for Michaels video or something else?

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