Karijini Video from Michael

This is the latest video from Michael of our trip to Karijini last week. This is such a great place and watching the video makes me want to go back into the gorges. Mark is the other mug in the shots, a couple of good looking lads, what do you reckon!!! Give that Tom Putt a run for his money!


~ by christianfletcher on March 18, 2009.

21 Responses to “Karijini Video from Michael”

  1. another great video!!!!! well done Michael..

  2. Really nice video and image before this post … Looks like the water falls and levels of the creeks are just about perfect right now …

  3. Very nice, dreamy kinda music though, but then it is a dreaming kinda place.

    Tom Putt would be out of place up there, not a Cafe Latte in site.

  4. Wow… talk about an impressive place to shoot and video at. Another nice job Mike.

  5. awesome, has to be one of the best spots i’ve ever been to!
    this has captured it so well 🙂

  6. very nice, those tilt shift lenses give you an interesting dof.

  7. Brilliant work again Mike. Makes me wanna go there right now, you could sell this sorta stuff to tourism WA I reckon.

  8. on of ya best michael. Awesome.

  9. Michael you are a superstar! Fletcher you are a cock! AS IF you guys are better looking than me?!!? With my new hair and back wax I look a million dollars right now. And Merv, you’re right – I don’t function very well without my fresh latte in the mornings.

    And if you think I’m pissed off, you’re right! WHERE WAS MY INVITE FLETCHER?!!? I shall have to seek revenge by posting lots more FABULOUS images from my recent trip down the Great Ocean Road…

  10. dude you have to be in it to win it. You were swaning around in a pink tie when us men were in the gorges making it real. Come on Tom show us you can be a man not just a sex symbol for middle aged women…………. and men. Yes I have spies, and they tell me all. Pink tie hey, you poof!

  11. Great video , love the post production work with the blur makes the place look like a little toy town .

  12. Kirk, that’s not post production, that’s in camera, it’s the tilt shift lenses at work ! As you modify the focus plane you can achieve these effects.

  13. Its fabulous work, the tilt shift adds a whole new dimension. It’s different and nice.

  14. Hey your calling Tom a poof and you guys are listening to Peter Gabriel , come on give me a break. (:

  15. Really nice video!

    I thought that it may be a filter that you have used to get the soft edges. Just wondering what kind of software that you are using for your post production. I am trying to get my head around my new camera and how the video side works etc…

  16. What’s poofy about peter Gabriel merv?

    Wendy michael uses final cut studio 2. You can do some cool stuff with imovie though and heaps cheaper!!!

  17. yeh Merv, Ive just about had enough from you. Watch it big boy 🙂

  18. (:

  19. Nothing wrong With old Pete , I thought you were into heavier rock thats all, he seems a long way from COG.

  20. Great work to the Fletcher Bros Inc, pleasure to watch all your great work. I was just watching the New Zealand vid in vimideo and WOW, doing some great work there. i havent joined that site so i will comment here, i especially love the crossing that old bridge scene with your old pipe runner or whatever you called that thing, AMAZING. Well you can pass on to your Canon distributor that you have won one over to Canon, as I have decided to buy the Canon 5DmII bc of yours and Christians great work, which means lenses and all the kit and will probably get a printer and all that down the track, so thanks for inpiring me, and being so open about your experiences

  21. We are into everything Mervie, even country and western………..actually not country and western.

    Craig, thanks for the kind words mate, I have sent your comments to Canon and will wait by the mail box for the truck load of goodies they will surely want to give us!! 🙂
    I pass on your words to Michael but his head is already getting too big. He wants to change the name of the business to his!!! Whilst I still have the biggest head it is staying. Cheers

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