Karijini Magic

kazzas-3 Got some exciting news about Karijini for next year that is going to be big and not to be missed. Will tell all soon. This is a pic from Handrail pool in Weano Gorge, Karijini. A great spot if your there at the right time of day and year for that matter. I have it all worked out after 6 or 7 trips to this spot.


~ by christianfletcher on March 30, 2009.

20 Responses to “Karijini Magic”

  1. pretty awesome lightbeam.
    gota love it there!

  2. looks fantastic mate!

  3. hey christian
    nice bro very nice i love karijini i wish i could live there he he he he
    love the colors and cant wait for the new book mate im putting my hand up for a signed


  4. haha love the header image and quote. This shots pretty awesome as well, although the vignette seems a bit strong

  5. great shot mate!!! i wonder what the big news is hehe…

  6. Great header picture, looks great. The Kazzas-3 image looks really good, however I agree the vignette is a bit too strong, and something about the light ray doesn’t quite look right. I think it’s due to the ray looking a little too strong as it gets closer to the water, and the edge on the bottom of the ray looks a little too sharp. Just my 2 cents.

  7. Thats a nice shot, make a good book cover.

    That light ray effect has got you hooked by the looks of it.

  8. Cool shot, but I’m not keen on the railing and rope, would like to see that cloned out or removed 🙂

  9. Hi Christian,

    Love the shot. I love those sort of shots where the light just beams through. Can’t wait to hear what the big news is about Karijini is. 🙂

    Jamie Paterson

  10. Who is tom putt and what does he do?

  11. Love the shot. Has an air if mystery and some majesty.

    Excited about the Karijini announcement.
    Let’s see: it can’t be another book. And it can’t be another T shirt. And it can’t be a cruise ship tour. So that leaves a photo workshop! Sign me up.


  12. great shot Christian ,
    Love the header image as well
    Would love to photograph up there will probally have to waite until next year now

  13. If its a workshop, sign me up too mate.

    James, From what read on various forums, I think tom Putt is some kind of super model, Christian should be able to correct me if I am wrong….

  14. Great shot again Christian. Did you get any photographs on sunday morning/arvo. Great sky down your way

  15. Look forward to the announcement, my guess it’s a workshop. Sign me up if so… Oh yeah, great shots. I don’t agree with cloning out the handrail, it’s actually there so it should stay. Just my 2c worth.

  16. Very cool shot … Looking forward to seeing it print large and hanging from the I beam 🙂

  17. Beautiful shot Christian and beautiful header image to. Love the lighting of this place.

  18. That Tom Putt us a hunk of spunk! Hey Baby!!!

  19. Christian this shot is amazing, you should be proud you waited to get such a shot. I love it.

  20. Thanks Casey, I like it a lot too. Cheers

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