Karijini Workshop

kj302d Well it is official, I will be part of a workshop in April next year. It is going to be held at Karijini and joining me will be Peter Eastway and Tony Hewitt. The details are still being finalized but it will be for 4 days, cost $3500 which includes accommodation, all meals and tuition from three of Australias most creative landscape photographers. It is going to be an amazing event and you will come away with knowledge that will fast track you to being the best photographer on the planet. There will be giveaways, and heaps of sledging. The ultimate learning workshop in probably Australias most photogenic landscape. We are limiting numbers to only 18 people and three of those spots are filled already.

If you want more details or wish to put your name down to join us let me know asap.

Course update: 16 spots now filled, get in before it is too late.

Download this reference from fellow photographer Mark Stothard on a Christian Fletcher Workshop.  christians-reference


~ by christianfletcher on April 1, 2009.

60 Responses to “Karijini Workshop”

  1. I think you have my name down, but just in case here it is again.

  2. your in mate, it is going to be a brilliant time, can’t wait.

  3. Sounds like an experience that simply cannot be missed !!!!

    Put my name down mate, I AM THERE ! Will bring my dashing youthful Scandinavian good looks (cough), a fake aussie accent, and my straighten-the-horizon filter!

  4. cool Flemming, you will have to give a tutorial for the troops on how you get a straight horizon every time, I’ll be listening up for that one. Everyone will be dying to see what the rest of your face looks like. It is going to be meet the bloggers!! hehe.

  5. You’ve got me down as well right?

  6. Christian, I’ll remember to bring the lower half of my face and I’ll be happy to show off my Human Spirit Level skills 🙂

  7. your in Jamie. How is that we are all going to meet Flemming and his whole face! I think he has perfectly straight eyes!

    Another who has put his hand up to come is Brent Pearson, how good is this trip going to be!

  8. Sounds great to me also would love to photograph that location and what better way then with the pros
    Can put my name down .

  9. brilliant Kirk, this is shaping up to be epic. All good blokes on the list so far.

  10. yeah all 5D MK II owners besides one 🙂
    not naming any names Jamie lol 🙂

  11. he will be sorry when we go out night shooting and that lcd is useless!!! hehehe

  12. I sooooo want to go, dependant on work. I’ve wanted to do Karijini for so long, this may be a really expensive, yet swish way of getting there. Can you please add me to that list of potentials you may not have thought of yet, but will eventually think a great idea!

  13. Put my name down too. 2010 is perfect for me. Will you let Nikon folks on the workshop 😉 ? André

  14. Mate you will book this out in no time. Looks fantastic. Haha includes heaps of sledging… I bet. People will spend half their time laughing their ass off.

  15. Hey, that seems like an opportunity not to be missed! I’m in if you accept female as well!

  16. will do mathew, you have a year to save up for it if you want to come!!! will probably do a payment plan so it isn’t such a hit. Remembering that two of these guys are master photographers, the top in their field, well and then there is me, the best bullshit artist in my field of bullshitting!!

    I hope so Matt, I think my jokes are funny, my wife doesn’t however!!!

    Anne girls are always welcome and that will add a bit of class to the workshop.

  17. Andre I almost deleted your email when you said Nikon but because Tony uses Nikons I guess you can come too :-0) Will be great to have you on board, I think Canon users outnumber the Nikon guys so far. Let the games begin.

  18. Alright! Awesome! I’m in then. I don’t know about the class bit, but I have a year to work on it!

  19. your all class Anne 🙂

  20. Hey,
    Count me in mate….. do we need to send a deposit or anything…..

  21. Eventually yes Rod, I have you on the list and will confirm details with everyone asap.
    Only 4 spots left!!

  22. If it is not too late could I put my name down. A Nikon shooter here to help balance things up.

    A small Canon sledge to start it off. According to this review the 5D2 had a 25% failure cf to none with Nikons.


  23. Peter I was shooting with a fellow 5D mrk II user on the weekend and his camera failed for no apparent reason … Scary stuff.

  24. Shit… I hope mine doesnt fail on me….

  25. Peter my 5D had three error 70 messages recently, don’t know what the hell that was all about. I hope mine fails just before the warrantee runs out. Would love to get a new spanker!!

    Canon will sort the problem, or I’ll turn to another brand, as horrible as that sounds!!

  26. Christian, put me down, will follow up with an email.

  27. well great… a four day landscape party and im not gonna be there. Damn lack of spare cash…

  28. Thats a shame Stakky, we’d need someone to keep the beer cold and food hot 😉

  29. that would be one hell an experience!
    I could never afford the experience though 😦

    i am planning to be up that way next year with mates, so perhaps will have to find a spot down the gorge.. hiding round the corner and let the magical acoustics do the rest… :-p

  30. your on the list Simon

    Stakky it is a whole year away. Plenty of time to save up.

    looks like we are going to have to keep the beers warm by ourselves Neal!!

  31. Christian will Mike come along to film the antics of what is shaping up to be a truly legendary trip with a truly famous foreigner on board?

    Btw, I want some big open wide panoramic Karijini landscapes as well, not just shooting long exposure waterfalls all day in the gorges!!! I expect the guides to find me the best landscapes and not just sit in a tinny in the plunge pools drinking tinnies all day 🙂

  32. hey christian its phil count me in bro i think i already said yes when we were talking about it in mandurah at your exabition but just in case heres another reminder im in

    cheers phil

  33. Mike will be there Flemming, dang you actually want to do it hard hey mate, whats wrong with tinnies in the rock pools!!! I’m sure we will find you something but most of the action at Karijini is down in the gorges!! The landscape is relatively flat around the park with the odd larger hills a short drive away. We will find something to shoot, and still have time for a beer!!

  34. Where is tom Putt?

  35. Who is Tom Putt?? A legend and top bloke……………… so he tells me!!!

  36. I would love to come along to this. By the time get my S*&t together all the places will be gone 😦

    With the Canon 5DII, I always like to wait till the bugs are fixed before purchasing a product. Also the price usally drops as well

  37. by the sound of it its gonna be a bunch of drunk tourist-looking blokes arguing over who looks better out of Fletch and Putt.
    Well ill have a discussion with the parents and see what happens. How are the beers gonna stay cold otherwise?!

  38. There’d be no contest in the Fletch verses Putt debate if I entered 😉

  39. sounds awesome dont think I will be able to fund this though 😦 btw Christian I was in the Mounts hospital yesterday and saw some photos and thought hey they look Like fletchers and sure enough they were! 🙂

  40. No i said where, not who, everyone knows who tom putt is!!!

  41. drunk, tourist looking AND unobservant.
    Fletch emailed ya a couple of questions about it!

  42. Cool, will be great to meet Mike too, love his vids.

    I want the big flat open arid landscapes with a view to infinity – as well as the gorges! I promise you won’t meet anyone as obsessed with the outback as me 🙂

  43. Hey Christian
    I’m looking forward to this trip. And as a Nikon shooter I’ll try and bolster up the Nikonians. This is going to be an absolutely great trip… I’m just not sure how I’m going to be able to wait for a whole year. Any chance of setting up a discussion forum prior to the event… Perhaps we can practice our sledging in anticipation.

    Look forward to meeting the rest of the motley crew next year.


  44. Will I hope it was nothing serious!

    Everyone knows who Tom Putt is!!! really!!! He is in Melbourne.

    Flemming we will find some flat ground for you somewhere!!!

  45. CF I think they’re all calling out for me and wondering why I’m not included in the epic adventure to Karijini next April. Somehow I think they feel a little disappointed in not seeing two of the greatest and best looking male photographers going around…I mean Peter Eastway and Tony Hewitt?!!? Their no oil paintings unlike you and I Christian…

    Perhaps I’ll need to organise my own trip for them to see me in the flesh….

  46. CF I think they’re all calling out for me and wondering why I’m not included in the epic adventure to Karijini next April. Somehow I think they feel a little disappointed in not seeing two of the greatest and best looking male photographers going around…I mean Peter Eastway and Tony Hewitt?!!? Their no oil paintings unlike you and I Christian…

    Perhaps I’ll need to organise my own trip for them to see me in the flesh….

  47. Hi Woofbook, something is a little on the nose!!! Something tells me your usual super senses are a little skewed. I would take it up with Mr Eastway and Hewitt as they are able to elaborate more on their relative position as pertaining to the said workshop as indicated on the blogpost for the period of the fourth month of the year 2010.
    p.s. Is your master initials TP???

  48. Ah Mr Flecther, you know that my good looks and charm, combined with my serious skills and ability as one of Australia’s PREMIER panoramic landscape photographers (Fuck I’m starting to sound like Liky) is EXACTLY what your blog readers are after, along side the great man himself, CF, with your rock star status and good looks…

    The groupies would be falling at our feet!

  49. you make it sound soooooo good Tommy, don’t stop!! You are the rockstar mate, I’m just a humble photographer trying to make a go of this photography gig!

  50. I’m not the one with the Rockstar haircut and the Rockstar hangout! (read = CF hangout Dunsborough, Margaret, Mandurah).

    I only wish I could be as half as good as you…

  51. some people would be happy with a quarter, why do you want so much!!!

  52. Ha I’m not talking about your slongger CF!

  53. Bartender gonna need a cold beer and a bucket of pork rinds over here 😉

  54. I know! Christian, do you have to be so crasse!

  55. Hey Christian, didn’t realise the Karijini trip was gonna fill up so quick, but put my name on the list. Sounds like you need some more Nikon users up there anyway!!!

  56. sure do Jamie, they are a dying breed!! Will put you on the waiting list and see what comes up. Cheers

  57. Hey, us Nikon folks will switch to film before moving to Canon, à la Ken Rockwell 😉

  58. I’m about to post a film camera for sale on the blog Andre, you might be interested 🙂

  59. Hi There guys, Do you know where the accommodation will be? I am very interested but (due to the economic downturn) my husband and I are working apart now and although I could arrange for my R&R to coincide with this, I would have an issue not seeing my husband for 2 months!! He’ll be working in Newman though (not that far away) so maybe he could book into the same accommodation? He’s a non-photographer so he’d have to occupy himself during the ‘photo bits’ but he’s a hell of a party guy so I’m figuring he could join in after hours stuff… any chance this may work?

  60. Sent you an email about this Peta. Cheers

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