New Subiaco Gallery Opening soon

2 of Western Australia’s finest exponents of landscape photography Spool Photography and Christian Fletcher join forces with showcase gallery opening late April in Subiaco
Details of the opening night celebrations and address will be forthcoming. Neal “As we have been working on this gallery for some months now we are extremely proud and excitied to bring our collective talents together for the first time, working with Christian has been such an education and I proud and very excited about the opportunities this project will deliver, its only the start of what we have planned”
Christian ” Working with a new emerging talent was inspiring and rejuvenating, after many years in the game it was a bold fresh approach I am very excited to be part of”.

You guys will all be getting an invite to the opening night. We also plan to hold exhibitions of other photographers work so if your interested in being “hung”, so to speak let us know asap so we can slot you in.



~ by christianfletcher on April 1, 2009.

13 Responses to “New Subiaco Gallery Opening soon”

  1. Thats great news guys…. I bet you it will be amazing ! !
    Cant wait to see some pictures of the new ” place “

  2. Sound great Christian and Neal ,
    Cant wait to see the Gallery
    Will definatly keep the opening night free

  3. Genius!

  4. That is great news and just around the corner from work. I’m sure the students would love a look at how the pros do it. Well done fellas.

  5. this sounds absolutely brilliant.

  6. haha, you going to open this gallery while on the east coast?
    nice one Chris 🙂
    damn I got exited, I would have loved to be “hung” with two of the greatest photographers… ahhh one day.

  7. Cool…good luck with it.

  8. Are you being serious or is a case off ‘that day of the year’?

  9. it’s all neals idea, hate mail to be directed to him!!

  10. And I thought you were a good bloke! Stupid me for believing both that and your post. Look out for a bunch of tough, angry students I’ll be sending your way for 2009 leavers in Dunsborough.

  11. oh no not leavers, I’d rather have tooth pulled!!

  12. I’m very excited about the subi opening. Means I can visit more!
    I also would love the opportunity to be “hung” in the gallery.

  13. sorry Courtney, it was an April fools joke. It isn’t happening!! Sorry it was Neals idea!!

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