Brent Pearsons Night Photography eBook

shapeimage_2 Hi all, I have just bought Brents book on Night photography and Light Painting and I would have to say it is a must if your thinking of extending your shooting hours to after dark. He tells it all, how he does it, what he uses and explains everything so we can all understand what can be a complex subject (if you want to do it right) Check out his blog, the link is in my sidebar. Those of you coming to the Karijini workshop next April will have the pleasure of meeting Brent as he is coming along too. Make sure you get the book so we can all get out and do some night stuff and not have to bother him with questions about what we should be doing. Cheers


~ by christianfletcher on April 4, 2009.

7 Responses to “Brent Pearsons Night Photography eBook”

  1. I can’t wait to try out a few of Brents tips. I tried a bit of light painting a couple of years ago but didn’t really give it a good go. Brent seems to be a really helpfull bloke as well which is great.

  2. yeah he gives up a lot of his tips for free, I think buying his book is a good way of repaying him. Good on you Pete.

  3. Brent has a wealth of knowledge on night photography . Will be getting the book next week .

  4. I love night photography and light painting and I must say that Brent did absolutely amazing job putting everything together into one logic book.

  5. Good to see one of my featured photographers on spool photography blog getting a little more exposure. Good stuff Brent … Looking forward to the Ballerina night shoot images.

  6. didnt he have an article in the same issue of better photography as you christian? like his stuff.

  7. Yes he did Will and he is coming on the Karijini workshop with us.

    His book is awesome and well worth the download.

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