Karijini Workshop 2010 Full

kj304d-copy The first Karijini workshop has filled in record time such is the popularity of this trip. I would have to say it is going to be the ultimate Landscape workshop on the planet. Due to the overwhelming interest we might be putting on a second date. Send me an email with expression of interest and we will let you know of any future plans. Get in quick, this information will be going out to the rest of the country soon via Pete’s and Tony’s websites. We are expecting similar interest from our Eastern State cousins!!

This photo is of Mark Stothard deep in the gorges and loving it!! Don’t forget to read his testimonial on my previous post.


~ by christianfletcher on April 6, 2009.

11 Responses to “Karijini Workshop 2010 Full”

  1. Awesome image mate…….. cant wait to get there myself ! !
    Any news on the shirt front ?

  2. Rod the shirts have been ordered and I am assuming they will be ready this week as the guy said they would be ready last week. Will let you know. Cheers

  3. Woo Hoo. Now I have to work out how to pay the $2500 fee. 😉

  4. you mean $3500 fee?

  5. Bugger – I go away for a while and I miss out on this! Count me in if anyone drops out or if the other date goes ahead.

  6. Damn I thought I was going to get that one past you.

  7. Will do Rich, you can have Jamies spot when he only coughs up the $2500. 🙂 I have you on the list for a possible second workshop. Cheers

    Jamie, I’d give it to you for that price but those other blokes are ruthless:-)

  8. Awesome picture of the gorge. Having Mark in the picture really shows the scale of the gorge. Looks great, wish I could have made the trip. Maybe next time… fingers crossed. Out of interest, how many pictures did you use in this stitch?

  9. this was three images stitched side by side Graham.

  10. Hi Christian i would also be interested in a second workshop

  11. HI christian would definitely be interested in a second workshop. thanks

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