Business opportunity

Hi all

I have been thinking of ways to expand my stock photography site. It is very difficult to cover every inch of this country so I am opening up my site to other photographers. This offer is to everyone who may have a good image they want to submit. Your work has to be approved and this will be done by all partners of Christian Fletcher Photo Images. We will only accept images that reach a certain standard and our decisions will be final.
What do you get?

* Access to a large database built over the past 18 years by the Christian Fletcher Brand.
* Exposure to a wide audience of clients wanting stock and commercial photography.
* Recognition with the Christian Fletcher Brand.
* 50% of the sale of any of your images as stock, ASP gets the other 50%.
* You keep the hi res versions of each image you submit for security.
* No other costs, administration or hassles.

What do we get?

* your images to promote to potential clients.
* 50% of all sales from your images.
* a collection of images to die for!!

The way I see it working is, you submit thumbnails to a specific size, we approve them, they go on the website, we sell them, you send the appropriate size file out to the client, we invoice the client and you then invoice us. Everybody wins and share the love.

I am also thinking we can have a monthly competition, a prize for the person who sells the most that month!



~ by christianfletcher on April 16, 2009.

77 Responses to “Business opportunity”

  1. Me, where do I send the images. Let me know the size and format you want.

  2. wicked Neal I wanted you on board. I will let everyone know the way I want the images soon. If we can all make some passive income we will have more time to get brilliant images to make more passive income!!

  3. I’d be seriously interested as well, been thinking of setting up my owm stock image site but it’s just too much work at the moment so this would be a great way to get started.

  4. Sounds like a great idea and a great opportunity. If anything of mine could make the grade I would be stoked. Will keep an eye out for when you post details on how to submit pictures.

  5. Sounds great mate. I’m in for sure. I got about 400 + images already I can contribute as stock shots. Minus the ones you reject. πŸ™‚

  6. Get Christian
    Is this limited to Pano freaks? Or can us single-shotters play too?
    I would love to contribute. I have a workshop to save for πŸ˜‰

  7. I’m in Christian. It was only last night that I was poking around on the net looking at additional avenues to sell my images.

  8. *puts hand up*

  9. I’d be in as well for sure.

  10. Id love to be involved….. if any of my images are deemed worthy enough. let us know about details when you have them mate and Ill get onto it ! ! !

  11. i would be keen for sure mate… not sure if im up to the standard yet but some greek island shots might open another part of the world…..

  12. Howdy Christian,
    Would love to contribute images when I get them.

  13. Are you just interested in Landscape shots?

  14. Yeah I will be in as well. I guess now we need to sort out a terms and conditions

  15. That sounds like a great idea… need to start taking some decent photos to contribute πŸ™‚

  16. I would love to be in too. Great idea!

  17. Might as well throw my hat in the ring as well. I can get plenty of farm and rural shots.

  18. i am very interested byt havent got anything for ys off the top of my head at the moment

  19. sweet fellas, I will put something up very soon re what I would like and how. Just be prepared, we will be ruthless so if We don’t think it will sell it won’t be going on. The standard has to be very high so when you get accepted it is like winning membership to an exclusive club. It has to be this way as no one wants to weed through crap to get the image they were looking for. I want it to be the best stock website on the planet. That is the only way people will be coming back.

  20. Geez nothing like a bit of pressure Fletch!!!!

  21. Count me in as well Christian, great idea.

  22. Bloody hell…..I’ve got a complex already….the pressure..

    You’ll have to explain what you want , is it art or magazine shots your after. I’ll wait to see the follow up explanation about it all.


  23. Would that make us Fletcherites? We’re happy little Fletcherites,as bright as bright can be………..

  24. I’m definitely interested, although I’m not exactly sure my stuff is up to scratch.

    Only landscape shots or are you looking for other sorts of photography as well?

    Also, did you have a guideline on how to select shots of appropriate calibre? (hard call, but i had to ask)

  25. All will be revealed soon, Merv, lets just say your going to need 4 yeps to get in. Think Australias got talent. There is one of yours I want, now get working on some more. Stock can be anything that could be used in a brochure, magazine, website or anything really. Any subject will be looked at Charlene, doesn’t have to be just landscape. Landscape with people in always sells well. As long as the people look good.

    Yes Jamie you can be a fletcherite, and maybe we should get the t-shirts printed. hehe

    This site will represent the cream of photographic talent in Australia, if you don’t get images in the first time, keep submitting, it will make you try harder and improve substantially. If you still have trouble I’ll throw on a special workshop to help out! at a cost of course hehe!!

  26. I’m interested mate, got some photos from around QLD…

  27. Count me in CF – I have to stop sending photos to The West for their comps … made the front page and their magazine today and I didn’t win a sausage!! Then again, if I can’t win a comp in The West whats is the chance of being good enough for your stock!!

  28. I can see Spool rolling his eyes but that is a shirt I’d almost be willing to buy!


  29. All sounds ok so far. The problem’s will be your end I’d say if you have to get 4 people to agree.
    Anyway it shouldn’t be that hard cause you see some pretty ordinary shots in mags and brochures at times i’m sure most could do better than that.

    I’ll pass on the shirt.

  30. Sorry this might be a little personal but have you had much business at this stage from this website?

  31. well Haydn lets just say with no advertising we do ok, and it is definitely something worth doing. As to how much people will make that depends on how many good images you have on the site and how well we can market it. I am hoping everyone will talk it up and the word will spread fast. We will be doing everything we can to push people to the site. If people like yourself do the same it could become a pretty big thing. It works for Getty and Corbis. Don’t know why we can’t make it work.

    By sticking together and only uploading quality images we create a business that will grow exponentially and before you know it we can retire to an island in the Caribbean.

  32. Now if we could get this as big as Getty, we could all retire comfortably.

  33. that is the plan Graeme, no point messing around!

  34. I’d like to choose the Island of Maui please.

  35. I’ll take Kaui Neal.

  36. Well this makes it comment number 36. haha. Nice work, see you tomorrow night for that romantic evening, few wines, soft lighting…………….and 50 other photographanites crowding around trying to get best vantage point in your gallery CF.

  37. hey christian im in mate

    just let us no the details
    thanks mate

  38. This sounds good, Im ready to be rejected haha, what is the go with copyright? who has the rights to the image once its sold, do these people just purchase the image to use once or can they use it as many times as they want? ive never done anything like this before.

  39. thats a good question will


  40. I’d definitely be interested in submitting some stuff, hopefully I have some work that would contribute to the site.

  41. I’m interested too, Christian, as will a mate of mine be. If we can get over our “not good enough” complexes, that is πŸ™‚ That said, you’ve got to be in it to win it.

  42. sounds interesting

  43. This might be just what I’ve been waiting for to get back behind the lens! I’ve not really shot seriously since digi took over. I used to submit stock through Photo Index but they’re gone along with film! Onward and upward… Please add my email to you contact list Fletch, you have my interest.

  44. Also interested here Christian, I shall await the details =)

  45. Are us Nikon users (Yes we’re still out here) able to join the party?? Only if we pass the acid test of course!!

  46. This sounds very interesting.

  47. That’s a great idea! Hey, would you take pictures from New Zealand?… Because heaps of people think New Zealand is another state of Australia anyway…

  48. Hey Christian, count me in! I’ve got plenty of shots to offer from coast and rural areas in Qld…

  49. Gidday Christian, thought it was about time I dropped you a line via this venue!!!

    Looks like we are going to have one big happy family here!

    I reckon we should arrange an annual or bi annual scoial gathering for all of the Fletcherites!! Waddyareckon troops?

    I reckon I know of a good place for a party!


    Mark Stothard

  50. hey Mark, now that is a good idea, are you thinking TNA? welcome to the blog mate.

  51. Will the client has the right to use the image once only for the purpose stated. i.e. if they want to use it on a brochure that is all they can use it for, not on the web or on tv etc. These extra uses cost extra money. You can never know what they will do however once they have the large version on their system, Scoop once ripped us of for a year but we found out and got our money. They said they didn’t know, yeah right!!! The client has to sign a form that lists what their use is and if they step out of line, watch out!

    Jamie, Nikon guys are welcome and I am turning over a new leaf, no more bagging Nikon guys. In fact if they have a camera that is better than a canon equivalent I will change over. It will be the image that makes the difference. Can we have your lightning shot you showed Mark and I, we both hated you for that one mate, it was so good!!

    Anne, yep NZ images are welcome but I have enough sheep pics already! Any beached whale shots bro?

  52. Yes I am Mate!



  53. WOW Mark, just checked out your web site and TNA in Eagle Bay looks awesome.

    No doubt Christians place is better πŸ˜‰ but that would be a great place for a little photographers getaway πŸ™‚

    Christian, forget the Nikons you should be looking at the new Leica S2, 37.5 MP would be a nice upgrade …

  54. will have a look now Dave, and Marks pad is definitely better than mine ah by about 200%.

  55. Hmmmm Im in too, Hey what about African Images. or is it only Australian images. we have beached whales on our beachs too! including hipporoo’s ???

  56. hey mark im liking the sound of that idear

  57. Glad you liked True North Ashore Dave. It is truly a special place and we fully intend to have a few workshops there when Christian can schedule it in.

    We had a ball creating it last year and what you see at True North Ashore is the result of a lot of positive energy from some very gifted people.

    We are in the Master Builder’s Association Awards in a couple of months and we fully expect to win as there simply isn’t anything around that comes close!!

    I think a party down there for all the Fletcherites at some stage will be a lot of fun. Christian and I will discuss some dates and post it here.

  58. Sorry Phil, I also meant to acknowledge your comment as well a Dave’s!!!

  59. Mark, my wife has just been drooling over the TNA web site and, being a typical web developer, has spotted a typo in one of the links.

    On the page the link to has 3 t’s in http.

    I also noticed that you have done some business coaching with Christian, that explains all these new brilliant ideas he is coming up with and leaving the rest of us wallowing in his wake even more πŸ™‚

  60. Nigel, African images are great, but I want close ups of lions shot with wide angle lenses, can you do that for me!!

  61. Hi Dave, thnaks for the heads up! I have sent the info thru to my web lady to resolve for me.

    As for my business coaching, I am proud to have been able to assist Christian along his path to success, which for sure he was on before we met…I have simply look at his structure, assisted with ideas and been a bouncing board for him!!

    The business is getting stronger by the day, which is why the Stock photo idea will work ever so well for everyone involved. As Christian’s brand gets stronger and recoginised in a wider demographic, everyone involved will reap the rewards. That is the basic principle of every successful idea, with a win win situation for all the stake holders!!

  62. New site looks god as well πŸ™‚

  63. Sounds very interesting Christian – I’d love to have the opurtunity to be a part of it.

  64. Glad to see you have finally come to your senses and a change to Nikon could really be a positive move CF, haha I wasn’t ever going to mention the old Nikon light meter.
    I would like to meet Mark one day and bleed him for information on my business but I’m not sure I’m in the right league, He sounds like a really interesting bloke. By the way Hi Mark if your reading this.
    The stock photo idea sounds like great idea.

  65. Love the new ASP site Christian, very cool.

    There are some incredible images in your stock library, how do you differentiate between stock images and images you sell through the gallery?

  66. close up of lions are easy, when you say wide angle you you want a little of the bush, like you do your lamb chop images…! :o) we went on a landscape training course with one of the local photographic clubs, and got some great images of Cape buffalo and zebra. we have been promising to go back and shoot some good stock stuff. spend a few days there would be the plan.

  67. Drop me a line Peter. I would be happy to have a look at what you are doing.



  68. Peter, I think we should all get together and do some joint bleeding of Mark’s business skills. I’m sure he could give a us all a few good pointers on why we’re not millionaires yet πŸ™‚ .

  69. @ Dave … Branding Dave, Branding …

  70. new site is very nice, and knowing they can only use the photo once is even better, this is very cool.

  71. NO dramas Christian, I’ll be trying my best now just to get you to defect to Nikon!!! And if you feel that lightning shit is good enough for what you need, I’m in!!

  72. Dave if I have two images and one is slightly better than the other the worse one goes into the stock site. Most of it is my old film stuff.

    send them through Nige, and I want the white teeth of the lion, not bush around it I want close!!!

    Jamie, submit what ever you want for approval, I know that lightning image is incredible and will sell over and over. As for Nikon, I would defect if the camera was awesome.

  73. Thanks Christian, just a few more questions …

    – If we submit a photo to ASP do you expect to have exclusive rights to it as a stock image?
    – What file size do you need the images to be
    – Do you have a minimum quality in mind (ie would images from a 6MP DSLR be acceptable ?)
    – How much post processing will you accept, i.e. are you looking for images pretty much straight from the camera or doesn’t it matter?

    That’ll do for now, I’m sure I’ll come up with more soon. πŸ™‚

  74. Hi Guys

    A great book to read and get you even more inspired about the endless opportunity is a book called The Long Tail.

    Following excerpt taken from Wikipedia

    The phrase the Long Tail (as a proper noun) was first coined by Chris Anderson in an October 2004 Wired magazine article[1] to describe the niche strategy of businesses, such as or Netflix, that sell a large number of unique items, each in relatively small quantities. Anderson elaborated the Long Tail concept in his book The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business Is Selling Less of More (ISBN 1-4013-0237-8).

    A frequency distribution with a long tail β€” the concept at the root of Anderson’s coinage β€” has been studied by statisticians since at least 1946.[2] The distribution and inventory costs of these businesses allow them to realize significant profit out of selling small volumes of hard-to-find items to many customers, instead of only selling large volumes of a reduced number of popular items. The group that purchases a large number of “non-hit” items is the demographic called the Long Tail.

    Given a large enough availability of choice, a large population of customers, and negligible stocking and distribution costs, the selection and buying pattern of the population results in a power law distribution curve, or Pareto distribution. This suggests that a market with a high freedom of choice will create a certain degree of inequality by favoring the upper 20% of the items (“hits” or “head”) against the other 80% (“non-hits” or “long tail”).[3] This is known as the Pareto principle or 80–20 rule.

    The Long Tail concept has found a broad ground for application, research and experimentation. It is a common term in online business and the mass media, but also of importance in micro-finance (Grameen Bank, for example), user-driven innovation (Eric von Hippel), social network mechanisms (e.g., crowdsourcing, crowdcasting, Peer-to-peer), economic models, and marketing (viral marketing).

  75. Sounds very interesting, I have been looking to increase my stock sales and have thought about two new websites for myself (art and stock, my current site is overloaded) but would also be very interested in this.

    I will email you when I’m back in Copenhagen, I have shots from practically all over Australia and quite a few I think would work for stock.

    Are you still looking for fine art, or also more stock oriented shots? Some of the stocks shots I sell are standard boring ‘sunset at Mindil Beach Market in Darwin’ stock shots – but they sell cos that is what is needed for web, magazines etc.

  76. looking for anything good Flemming. Will be keen to see what you have.

  77. I am on the other side of the continent and very interested to join the party. My portfolio includes outback images and dunes…they could be just anywhere, the same applies to some seascapes and landscapes. Looking forward to hear from you
    Great site man….looks so Pro

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