Saturday Night Workshop

Last night I ran another workshop from my gallery and had a good turnout. I didn’t know why but it was a fantastic group, it wasn’t until I asked the question “are there any Nikon users out there?” The silence bought it home to me. We were all Canon shooters, so decent, talented and creative! Man those Nikon guys can dampen a party!! hehe.
Thanks everyone for putting up with my rants, it was great to meet you all.
One special moment for me and a life changing event, I finally got to meet the famous Stakky!! and his old man, Father of Stakky. He does exist and isn’t a 40 year old man posing as a 14 year old.

On another note does anyone have an old copy of cs3 they want to sell for a reasonable price?


~ by christianfletcher on April 19, 2009.

22 Responses to “Saturday Night Workshop”

  1. Hey Christian, once again thanks for last night, it was excellent I learnt heaps, and had a good time doing it. I got up at some ridicules time this morning and got some more pics so we will see how they came out.


  2. Hey Christian, go easy on us Nikon guys, we have enough to deal with, due to all you Canon users pushing your gear in our faces… especially the 5D MII! Would be a different story if were we all in Japan, where Nikon is #1. πŸ™‚

  3. Hey Man, whats with all this anti Nikon business?
    your not one of those kids lurking around photography forums rubbishing other brands because your feeling insecure about your investment are you? πŸ™‚
    at lease us Nikon guys can appreciate that Canon do make damn fine photography gear too

  4. so stakky is realy ay?… i dont believe ya!

  5. Yes I have eyeballed Stacky myself ( and his father) he’s a scrawny little fella , sorry Stacky its a term of endearment, who does have a bit of talent behind a camera. I wish I was that talented when I was his age. I was playing around with a Kodak instamatic when I was 14 and haven’t improved much.

    Hope you guys who did the course got something to eat as its always promised but fails to materialise. (:

  6. At 14 I was fooling around, and wish I had the camera many a time πŸ˜‰

  7. I wish I had a camera from 18- 25….many times

  8. Well thats it then, we all have to buy canon…………. NOT, Geez your a shit stirrer CF.

  9. Thanks Fletch for putting on a great show, sharing your wealth of knowledge and that iTNFP worked a treat on the images I took of Sugarloaf this morning, hard to believe really.
    Some nice waves were had at Bears too, but on only 3 hours sleep, feeling the bit now. Yes and the Stakman certainly takes some killa images, dang, i reckon maybe its like Tom Hanks in BIG. haha


  10. Hey,
    Not sure if you got my message or not mate but I have an a old copy of CS3… your welcome to it…. send us an email or give me a call and Ill ship it over to ya


  11. Hi Christian
    Thanks for a great workshop,learned heaps.Shot 3 Gig of photos next day,look forward to using some of your tricks on them.

    P.S keep in touch about the 3 day workshop you have planned down there and staying at the True Norths new digs (even the wife is interested in that one)
    Thanks Again

  12. Hi Christian
    Thanks for a fantastic night. As always you have totally inspired me! I have been spending hours on the internet choosing a new camera to buy for myself with my Krudd dollars (Rob and I currently share our Canon, and I don’t want to share anymore!). It’s all about stimulating the economy…and my need to photograph when the opportunity presents!
    I managed to take a crazy number of photos whilst down south – hoping there are some good ones amoungst them. This weekends project? up loading the photos and putting your tips into practice. I’m chomping at the bit and wish I could quit my day job. Thanks again πŸ™‚

  13. Thanks for coming Dan, did you see any of the others out shooting?

    Graeme, luckily we are in Oz!!! πŸ™‚ hey my first serious camera was a nikon.

    Anthony how did you know I’ve been hanging around all the forums!! πŸ™‚

    Dylan he is real and the new kid on the block, cocky as hell but he has a bright future.

    Pete I have had a change in attitude and am going to embrace Nikon now, your back in the club mate!

    Hi Chizzy, was good to meet you mate, glad you got the TNFP filter working. It is a sweet thing when it is applied to the right image!!! I think Stakky might have a way of making himself look really young. Maybe he really is 40???

    3gb is a good day of shooting Sean, well done, if you have any question please ask away. I will put the True North Ashore gig on the blog soon. Keep an eye out. Will keep you in mind as a possible.

    It was great to finally meet you and Rob Norell, I hear you about stimulating the economy. I love doing that!!! Thanks for traveling so far to come to the course. I wish I could quit my day job too!!!

  14. Thanks for the inspiration on Saturday night. Planning to follow in your footprints – gave the missus the news that we had to split up so I could get started and she doesn’t seem too fazed, but mum said there’s no way she’d have me back at home. Oh well, first hurdle – can’t give up there. The middle bit could prove a problem but the end bit (stardom, household name, lifestyle of the rich and famous) looks OK. Give me 20 years and I’m there! Oh yeah, the getting up early thing could also take some sorting out – slept in Sunday so may have to run the TNFP filter over some previous shots instead.

    Have a great time on the east coast – don’t forget the sun comes up over the water and goes down over the land, so don’t forget to take your GISUTS/S filter with you, just in case! (Geez I’ve Stuffed Up The Sunrise/Sunset).

  15. I’ll have to buy that filter Muzz, glad my course has inspired you to leave your wife, always great for your career. As a rockstar you will have plenty of offers from young ladies who will want you for your money πŸ™‚ Second thoughts stay with your wife, it isn’t the life for you mate!!! hehe

  16. Hey I was just thinking – Stakky was there but was he real? Did anyone see him blink?

  17. Cocky eh?! Just cause I made you walk upstairs twice for a useful shirt!

  18. Not blinking, rarely scene, is Staky the next Stig I wonder?

  19. okay ya found me out… Was it the way too good looks or awesome style?

  20. Hey Christian,
    Thanks for a great course. Gained much knowledge from the night which led to me posting an image from Yallingup rocks which I took before your course started, I looked at my notes and hopefully improved my CS4 techniques.
    Have a look if you have time betwwen feeding the kids, arranging another course and packing for Karajini.
    Cheers Adrian
    Add me to your links in wordpress then it will be so much easier for you Fletch!

  21. Hi Christian,

    Thanks for the great course on Saturday night, had a great time and learnt heaps, I think my other half is tired of hearing about it, but you get that :-).

    I have already order some of the books and guy that you suggested so that I can get out there and put some of your knowledge to use.

    Thanks again, and I would recommend the course to any CANON user.


    Greg W

  22. It was none of those things Stakky, it was your annoying greatness!!

    Thanks Adrian will do

    Thats great Greg, nothing like boring the wife, girlfriend etc, I use it as a bedtime story for my family, puts em to sleep real quick. The Scott Kelby books will help heaps. Cheers mate.

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