File requirements for Submitting to ASP

The first thing you need to do is download Dr Browns 123 process script, the one you want for CS4 is Dr. Brown’s Services 2.0.2 Installers that you will find here. If you are on CS3 try here. Look for CS3: Dr. Brown’s Services 1.9.4 Installers.

Install the script and the rest is pretty easy. The script should load automatically in photoshop. I will put together a video of how to use the script to make your life so much easier. Oh and you will need my action that is used to sharpen and saturate the images within the script.
Here is the video I had to link the video this way as I couldn’t get the sound to work any other way. Still you will get the idea. This video is for the panos only. What I forgot to mention in the video is for the other format images i.e. the 3:2 ratio images the size of the medium thumbnails is 472 pixels wide, so in the script type a width of 472 and a height of 472. You are basically changing the value that show on the video as 660h and 660w. Does that make sense??

As for my action I will just have to email it to everyone unless someone has a better idea.


~ by christianfletcher on April 21, 2009.

15 Responses to “File requirements for Submitting to ASP”

  1. Tight.
    Sounds good

  2. Oh and can the script be used in other programs? ie – Aperture

  3. pps – can you email me your actions too?

  4. Hi Christian, If you send me the Action, I can upload it to my website and make it available for download. Then all you have to do is post the link.

  5. Christian,
    You have my email mate… can ya get me the action ASAP


  6. I can’t get the video to work Christian, I just get an xml file that implies that access to the video has exipred.

    Regarding your action, can’t you zip it up and upload the action to your ASP web site and give everyone a link to download it? All you need is a free ftp program like CoreFTP and your username and password for your hosting.

  7. please email me your actions, Christian.

  8. Hi Christian
    Im the same as Dave ,just get xml file if you could send me something too that would be great
    Thanks in advance.

  9. Hi Christian

    Could you please email me your actions at


  10. Looks like I am not the only one who didn’t get the actions too. The link on this post doesn’t work for me too. Did you remove the video by any chance?

  11. Gee Christian, are you trying to make us all buy Mac’s or something? 🙂

    Am I the only one who can’t get the Dr. Brown scripts installed? There’s no PC Installer, that I can find anyway, so I downloaded the manual instructions, copied the .jsx files to the specified locations and try running it but get an error “Sorry, something major happened and I can’t continue!” When I look at more info, it says “Error: Invalid image data :660”. Anyone got any ideas? I’m using Photoshop CS4 Extended and downloaded the 2.02 version. Am I missing something that lets me run the installer on the PC?

  12. Sorry guys, sorted it. I’d just copied the .jsx files, not the ENTIRE contents. Sorry PRA, no Mac today.

  13. I used to try and convert people Simon, now I am happy with everyones own personal journey to photographic mecca! I just took the easy road and bought a mac. I think people using pc’s should get lots of respect, they are doing it tough and the hard way and should be respected for that :-0) BTW downloaded any good viruses lately hehe!!

  14. Hi Christian, would you please email me your actions… Thanks…Paul

  15. Hi Christian, finaly I have all up and running, only I’m missing your actions. Would you please email it to

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