Resizing and Submitting Process to ASP

Hi all

I am getting too many questions re the ASP site so tonight I am going to do another video that should explain it all better. You should be able to follow the instructions on how I want it done and then how to send them to me. I know I haven’t been too clear, It is easy for me as I have been doing it for a while now. 

Mark Stothard has sent me his best work and has had 60 odd accepted. If you want to see what he had go in check out here.Mark Stothard on ASP


~ by christianfletcher on April 23, 2009.

20 Responses to “Resizing and Submitting Process to ASP”

  1. Nice work Mark, makes the rest of us look lazy for being so slow to get some images in. 😉

    The images look good, gives us a good idea what to aim for.

    Sorry Christian, I’m asking too many awkward questions, time to stop talking and start sorting out some images 🙂

  2. Nah Dave your questions are excellent and all relevant. I just need to get my s h 1 t together so it is all in a neat little package and easy to follow.

  3. I think I might have some shots up to that standard. Once I get home from walpole I’ll try to submit a few.
    Awesome work mark BTW

  4. come on Stakky, get a move on mate, you want to have money so the girls all want you to take them out. I had to rely solely on good looks and charm!! hehe Thats why I was never a hit with the girls!! Damn, if only I had a stock site to contribute to to make crazy money when I was your age!

  5. Fletch forgot to mention the gift of bullsh**ing as well…..ha ha.

  6. oh yeah that has developed with age!!

  7. Crazy you develop it with age but do not have the chance to use it like you once could of ….

  8. Beautiful work Mark – you’ve thrown the challenge out there now. I think I’m going to have to start my own stock photo site – ASP (Absolute Shite Photos). Sorry I’m not going to take contributions – I’ve already got loads of my own. 😦

  9. Muzz, I think I’m going to have a site of my own as well, we will flood the market with Absolute Shite Photo’s.

  10. All, thanks for the kind comments about my photos…thanks to Christian for getting me to that level!!

    Muzz and Merv, I really got a giggle from your comments!!

    Looking fwd to meeting you guys somewhere down the line!!



  11. that’d be sweet, spell it out for all us dumb photographers!
    Marks work is awesome.

  12. Hi Christian, when you do the new video, can you please make the screen resolution a bit smaller? I’m assuming you are recording it on a MBP17″, therefore when played back on a MBP15″ parts of the screen are missing, and unfortunately the control to resize the quicktime window disappears off the screen too. Thanks.

    Mark, fantastic pictures!

  13. That is really beautiful work Mark… hmmm pressures on 😛

  14. Graham… you can resize the movie in Quicktime via your top menu. Select View > Half Size and then your will the ability to grab the bottom corner of the video and make it bigger if you like.

  15. Doh, thanks Matt. Excuse my stupidity, I’m new to MAC’s and I’m still getting used to have the menu bar separate to the application window. Occasionally I forget 🙂

  16. Your damn right fletch… Money = girls so I’ll get right on to it once im home.

  17. Hey christian, the video helped heaps, the pictures on my blog now are looking how they should, so hopefully I can get some pics ready to send off to you. Thanks for the actions.
    Hey stakky you would have girls falling all over you with the camera skills that you have wouldnt you? If not I guess you could at least chuck your TNFP shirt on, thats got to gain you points with the ladies.

  18. no worries Dan, Stakky is too young for girls anyway!

  19. actually I have a fan club of sorts (yes, full of girls) at school. Buncha people I didn’t even know told me how awesome I was a while ago. Beat that fletch!

  20. can’t beat that Stakky, youdaman!!

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