Nikon Gear for sale

Roger Clarke from Evny Photography is wanting to sell some Nikon gear. Let him know if you are interested. Could be some bargains.

Hi Christian, as discussed the other day …i have some gear to get rid of. Appreciate it if you can give it a ride on your blog……..

Epson Pro-400 printer (hardly used) $ 450.00 Nikon ED 28-70 AF-S 2.8D lens $ 450.00 Nikon 35-70 2.8 D lens $ 100.00 Nikon 12-24 AF-S f 4 G ED lens $ 400.00 Nikon 17-55 AF-S 2.8 G ED DX lens $ 450.00 Sigma EX 70-200 2.8 D APO lens $ 250.00 Nikon D-200 body + Grip(2 batteries) $ 700.00 (almost new) cheers mate…hope you can help!! Roger Clark ENVY photography Studio of the 2007 WA Professional Portrait Photographer of the Year Most awarded wedding studio in southwest WA Check out the fantastic new photos on our blog


~ by christianfletcher on April 26, 2009.

29 Responses to “Nikon Gear for sale”

  1. Gee if I didn’t already own some of this gear i would definetly buy it . To cheap for great gear.

  2. Nice, does anyone have anything to say about the Epson Pro-400 printer? I might be keen. Anyone owned one or has anything to say?

    Same Peter. I’m shattered at the depreciation on digital SLRs… Camera companies think consumers are like fish in a barrel, biting on any new model; feeding us with small improvement with small improvement at a time. d200 to d300 to d3 to d700 to d3x. I’m pretty sure they could’ve just lept from the d200 to d700 but they want to get as many bites as they can.
    The market never did this to my film bodies. Although they did bring out the F6 to entice the rich photogs into upgrading their already perfect F5 when it came into the digital devolution (yes, I said devil haha just kidding)

    Anyway thats my rant for the day but does anyone have any feedback on the Epson pro400?

  3. Get on this, some great bargains.

  4. i want to buy the 24-70mm….CF whats his email???

  5. can u email me or email him.. and let him know ill buy it. i looked everywhere for his email address
    Cheer Clint

  6. I think its a 28-70 f2.8 Clint but thats what I have and its just as good. Just get a 20mm prime if your shooting with a full frame and you can normally shoot as wide as you want.
    Cheers Pete.

  7. Clint, go to his web site: and look in the portrait section, has email and phone number.

    Cheers, André

  8. shame its Nikon! I guess he’s selling to upgrade to canon gear 😉

  9. o ok cheers everyone…. i thought it was the 24-70, teach me to read things a 5am haha

  10. Yea Roger has seen the light and gone to Canon. 🙂

  11. nothing wrong with nikon…. i like my build quality….haha

  12. haha I thought CF’s blogs would be Nikon friendly?

    Dan and Matt, shame on you…

  13. Now now Quinn, this isn’t fluidzone. Canon rules here. Just joking, it would be nice to see a few more Nikon users on the blog

  14. I am keen for the 17-55mm f2.8. Roger I have emailed you at about buying it.

  15. I thought being nikon gear, it would be given away 😉

  16. Nice one Haydn, Ahhhhh… The memories of fluidzone. Sniff… hehe
    Spewing Rabi had no time to keep it going and Boom decided to create Transitsurf instead of carrying on the torch.But good to see it’s not disintergrated into the ethernet and you can still see the images and posts

  17. Is the Nikon 17-55 AF-S 2.8 G ED DX lens still available?
    Very interested.

  18. has anyone heard from Roger??

  19. Christian, no word from Roger he hasn’t replied to my email yet. Have you spoken to him? I am very keen for the 17-55mm f2.8 as stated earlier.


  20. I spoke to Roger on the phone regarding the 70-200 f2.8 and he advised me to email him and he hadn’t had a chance to look through his email yet.

  21. I’ve not heard back either. I don’t blame him for not actually wanted to part with his Nikon gear 🙂 I’m keen on the 28-70 and the 70-200

  22. He has probably changed his mind and realized it would be a big mistake to sell this outstanding gear.

  23. Roger is moving house and is without the internet so he can’t reply at the moment, I will ask him if he minds me passing out his mobile number.

  24. Christian – when I spoke with him today he said to send him an email. I don’t think contacting his mobile is going to help in this case.

  25. That would be awesome Christian, don’t want to bother him to much while he is moving but I am very keen for the 17-55mm. If it turns out he doesn’t mind could you email me his number at

    Thanks again

  26. Cool thanks Jon, what email address did you use?


  27. hey has anyone heard from Roger or bought any of the gear? I emailed pretty quick but I’m not sure if he’s still uncontactable or maybe he sold it all?

  28. nah i havn’t heard from him either….

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