One from this morning

sawtell rocks It has been pretty cold over here. The days have been great but the nights, bbrrrr. Not to mention the mornings. I think we will have to head north pretty soon. I forgot to pack my tripod so had a mates little slik thing. What a piece of Sh1T………. thanks for letting me use it though Graham!!! I didn’t feel comfortable until I got my tripod yesterday in the mail. As soon as it arrived so did the good light. There are some great places over here just wish the water was the same colour as what we have in the west. Can’t have everything I suppose! The trees, rivers and mountains are unbelievable though so I’m happy with that compromise! I could live here, maybe give a few of the East coast photogs a run for their money, hehehe, nah my home town is still home and the best place in Australia. This was going to be a pano but didn’t stitch enough images together.


~ by christianfletcher on May 16, 2009.

8 Responses to “One from this morning”

  1. This forgetfulness will cost you a few good Margaret River reds, Christian !!!
    Have fun, & great light.

  2. …. and thanks for your nice comments on my new website; appreciated. Go easy on the ‘Big Macs’!!!

  3. It’s pretty bloody nice up here in Broome mate, just head north 😀

    I like the classic Fletcher coloured rocks (surely there must be a new filter in the making?) here! I would crop the bottom quite heavily, bit too much dead space for me.

    Forgot your tripod, haha, how is that possible? 🙂

  4. Hey Christian, Did I hear you say you forgot your tripod, Have you just committed the biggest cardinal sin of any Photog!
    Classic mate !
    Enjoy, hope all the family is traveling well, enjoy the forests and waterfalls !
    have you gone to tasmania, maybe that cold be a 7 day sojourn with workshop attached staying at cradle mountain lodge, I know stacky would be keen !
    Regards Adrian

  5. Good to see you back, I’ll be in Sydney soon too… I’m sooo looking forward to it. Nice photo too, did you get anything good around Kiama?

    The last time I went east I didn’t take a tripod, won’t ever make that mistake ever again again. It’s good to be reunited with an old friend isn’t it?

  6. forgot your tripod…good to see the things you do to make the rest of us feel better 😉

  7. Lovely shot Christian.

    I still can’t believe that “Mr Pano” forgot his tripod. Filters…yes, cable release…yes…lens cleaning cloth…. yet… but tripod! Thats almost like leaving your camera body behind!!!!

    See you soon
    Man have I got a couple of interesting spots lined up for you.


  8. You WHAT??!! Left your tripod behind – That’s Not F@#*ing Possible!! He he , you’d forget your head if it wasn’t screwed on (to the tripod I mean). You missed your chance for the old “cut me off at the knees and call me tripod” gag, so I grabbed it instead.

    The light in the photo looks nice – funny trying to get the north/south thing going here knowing you’re east. Has been coolish early mornings here – maybe a run of TNFP hoodies for the winter? At least now with DS voted out your working day will be an hour shorter when you get back ;-).

    Enjoy your challenges, including the cold. Look forward to more posts (at least until stakky hacks into your site and takes over).

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