Dangar Falls

dangar Took this one this morning on a trip to Dorrigo. There is a very small platform that is so high you have to extend the legs of the tripod fully to clear the railing. Lucky for live view! Nice falls shame about the temperature, it was freezing. Dorrigo is at 780m above sea level. There was frost on the ground. See I am doing it tough!


~ by christianfletcher on May 17, 2009.

23 Responses to “Dangar Falls”

  1. Stunning Christian, very mystical. Like how you pulled back on the exposure so as to give the waterfalls some texture and not to smooth as one usually sees.

  2. Nice shot mate….. You knwo, these falls are not all that far from me and I have never been there huh,,,, As Neal said, very mystical mate……

    When do we get the pleasure of CF on The Central Coast…. I owe you some beer dont I ?

  3. It has the feel of an old William Turner oil painting. This one I could study forever. Gorgeous!

  4. Wow, that’s a stunner, Christian. Gotta love that golden light 😉

  5. Really good shot mate! Looks like a painting! Keep them rolling!

  6. I’m with the ‘painting crowd’, I want to see this on canvas when you get back. I’ll even make a special trip to one of your galleries to see it.

  7. Mmmmm…..not bad, slipping back into that dark type genre eh.

  8. Lovely pic Christian – I’ve been an avid reader of your blog for quite a while now.

    For those of us who struggle to take pictures anywhere near the quality of yours, I’d love to one day read a guide from you on how you constructed this image – even a few tips would be great!


  9. man that is nice.
    the falls part is great but i’m in love with the top right!
    how it fades through to the river, and the hint of the tree.
    just stunning!! 🙂

  10. Very schmick, love it.

  11. New photos!!! I really like this, nice light! and the movement in the water is perfect.

  12. Nice. Looking forward to images. maybe with a cooler feel to match the cold mornings ?

  13. Thanks Neal, all planned mate….. not, I just clicked away and thats how it came out.
    Rod, I’ll be there this week coming so will let you know.
    Thanks Hazel, couldn’t believe my luck when I got there and it was all foggy.
    Thanks Beau, yeah that golden light seems to follow me around.
    Your on Matt
    A not bad from Merv, thats like a gold at the APPA’s
    Damo, I am meaning to do that, just forgot when I was working this image. I can’t even remember how I did this one.
    thanks everyone, Pete this was cold, my hands were numb after this pic.

  14. S%&$ that is an awesome shot Fletch. My new favorite! stuff that hill shot.

  15. thanks Stakky, and only 5 meters from the carpark.

  16. Clever position of a hard grad filter 😀 Could almost look like a hard grad filter on an angle hehe. It has a great ‘painting’ look, I might even try a duotone of this I would think.

  17. Love this photo – evokes thoughts of times past for some reason. Makes me think of Man From Snowy River etc. Meant to ask you before how you matte and frame these web posts – all in PS or do you use another app? BTW funny you should mention the APPA’s – Sydney in a month’s time, will you be there??

  18. Christian, it is a great take on the Dangar Falls. That platform certainly isn’t photographer friendly, been there but didn’t have the luxury of live view. What I want to know is if you bothered to go to the bottom of the falls and get a photo of the platypus there 🙂

  19. hey cf

    some amazing stuff bro well done cant wait to see more mate popped into you dunsborough gallery to see if you were there but they said you were over east already i checked out some of your new stuff mate loving those karijini shots you have in there mate absolutle sweet


  20. Amazing beaming light! It looks like it’s from a movie, like the Lord of the Ring or something!

  21. Great shot Christian, you almost expect to see an Elf or a Hobbit if you look closely enough 🙂

  22. CJ wos here, travel well, good work

  23. Stunning shot Christian , love the look to this image looks like it was painted

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