Coffs Harbour

coffs This is the view from Coff Harbour. Not too shabby. Raining here now so trying to catch up on work.


~ by christianfletcher on May 19, 2009.

18 Responses to “Coffs Harbour”

  1. Not a bad spot for the Eastern States :wink:, not a patch on WA of course.

    Love the reflection in the water to the right, it’s so clear, almost looks like a mist over the rest of the water.

  2. Nice mate… your getting closer to gods country ! ! !

  3. Dave ,these east coast guys have it easy. Plenty of great places to shoot.
    Rod, We are heading north now so will let you know when we are back down your way. Will be in June some time. The cold forced us to do a u-turn, heading to the warmth now. Cheers

  4. How lovely.

  5. stunning shot Christian.
    love that jetty and reflections

  6. Nice fletch, so sharp,nice clouds also.
    The drop shadow and frame, CS4 I assume, tell me how!
    Great image, also thoroughly enjoyed the True North Vid!
    regards Adrian

  7. The east coast is just ripe with photographic opportunities. Another very classy capture. Love those old wooden piers

  8. nice shot Christian , love old jetty shots wish we had some to photograph over in WA

  9. Nice one! The weather down South is why I am staying up here in North WA, Karijini is the furthest south I’ll go on this trip! Want my heat and sunshine.

  10. Nice peaceful image here.

  11. Great image. Love the composition and colours, looks very peaceful.

  12. sweet as christian awesome shot love the colours and the leading lines

  13. More of the good stuff (as usual) – looks like you are finding the elusive light. It looks really peaceful. So are you stitching right to left over there instead of left to right? :-;

  14. Adrian I’ll send you my action set. In that is a template you can use to create this effect. If you get Scott Kelbys CS4, CS3 book he explains how he does it. When you run the action it will ask you to open an image, just click cancel and the template will appear. You will see the layers and work out how it is done. Pretty easy really. Each layer is changeable of course.

  15. thanks guys for the comments, Muzz definitely left to right over here. I am also reversing the images so the sunrises look like sunsets :-0)

  16. Great shot mate… good to see you doing something with the bad weather over hear at the moment. Hope it clears up soon.

  17. Nice. Didn’t get down that way during my month Down Under in February, only as close as Byron Bay. I do have a question about the predominance of panoramas in Aussie photography. Why, versus other formats?

  18. Matt did you order this weather for me???

    Sven I think because Australia is big and wide you need a pano format to get it all in. I like the square format also but it doesn’t sell as well. Panos look good hanging on a wall and it gives the viewer the closest experience to being there, if it is big enough. Thanks for the comment .

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