Workshop with Scott Kelby

Check this out guys and gals, Mark has asked Scott Kelby to run a workshop on True North, now that would be an must do cruise. Will let you know if it comes off. I hope it does. See Marks email to him below.


Hi Scott,

I put a post on your blog, but after cruising through your website I found that you had a direct contact address, so I though a direct and more detailed approach would be more appropriate.

I am both a passionate photographer and a Director of North Star Cruises Australia. See: for some background on me.

My partner and I own one of the largest adventure cruise vessels in Australia and we are certainly the most awarded. We have 3 National Tourism Awards under our belt and 5 State Awards and boast the most awards of any Cruise company in Australia.

The cruise vessel is called the True North and is a 50m (165 ft) vessel designed to be able to getting into shallow areas with 36 guests and 18 crew and we carry 6 x 6m tenders with a full time Bell 407 on board. See

We cruise all around Australia and up to Papua New Guinea. The North West of Western Australia is the main area we cruise and the area is called the Kimberley. It is truly the last frontier!!

I have been working with Christian Fletcher for the last 6 months who is one of Australia’s best photographers and a great guy to boot! He is coming on board the Kimberley trip 13 in August departing on the 29th of August and the theme of the cruise will be ‘immerse yourself in photography’ for 2 weeks!! Christian is a big fan of yours…as I am. Through his workshops he sells heaps of your books. See

Now to the idea!! How would you and your wife like a 2 week cruise on the True North to join up with Christian on a photo tutorial cruise? Probably this year’s will be too short notice for you, but we will be running one next year as well. Christian’s cruise has been very popular and we feel that we will theme up more cruises from here on. Probably next years will be either West Papua, or PNG proper.

Mind you if August is of interest to you yell out and we could lead off with that and maybe another one next year…your call!!

I don’t know if you have ever been to Aus, but I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed!!

We could start off by staying a few days at True North Ashore down near where Christian lives: see

I won’t go into any more detail with this first email, but I guess that if you read the email and want to know more, you will come back to me and ask some questions and we can develop things out from there. I am a very lateral thinker and we can do anything really…thinking outside the box is my specialty…hence this email I guess!!!


Mark Stothard
North Star Cruises


~ by christianfletcher on May 19, 2009.

37 Responses to “Workshop with Scott Kelby”

  1. You guys are really batting out of my league now! Sounds great but I may have to sell my firstborn to go. Either that, or pay my way by helping Christian was dishes on the boat when he realises he’s left his tripod at home again!

  2. I think Mark should be congratulated for thinking outside the box. The old saying still stands ‘if you don’t ask, you don’t get’.

    Well done Mark I hope you pull it off.


    Jamie Paterson

  3. Scott and Chris on the one boat, Nikon and Canon users, now that is an interesting combo, great idea Mark, hope you pull it off.

  4. Muzz your on mate, if I forget to take my tripod on the true north trip you can come and wash dishes with me!!

    I’m a Nikon friendly guy now Andre, and if Scott Kelby comes onboard for a trip I’ll probably be talking up Nikon just to get a few extra tips off him!!

  5. No response as yet…but as you say Jamie, if you don’t ask you don’t get!! His loss if he doesn’t pick it up because everyone who comes off the True North say that ‘it is the best holiday I have ever had’!! That includes Christian’s brother Mike!

    Maybe he needs another prompt!



  6. Hi Mark,

    Maybe he does need another prompt, I like you don’t see obstacles just challenges. Your email to him was awesome and if I got a offer like that I’d jump at it, but that is because I know of North Star. How many emails do you get a day that you just delete without reading?

    If you were to send another email I think changing the wording a little might help peak his interest. 🙂


    Jamie Paterson

  7. Here is his phone number which might be more effective:

    tel. 813-433-5000


  8. Thanks Jamie,

    I might just try him now!!

    I do not delete any emails without reading them first. Fortunately I do not get too much spam and you never know when you might get an offer out of the blue that will be worth while like the one I offered Scott!!!

    Thanks for the heads up, I will let you know a) if I get thru and b) what his response is.



  9. OK Jamie,

    I got through to the Secretary at least!! She promised to get him to call me….will keep you posted.



  10. Hi Mark,

    That is great news. 🙂


  11. Things are moving Mark, at least you’ve spoken to a human being. (:

  12. Scott probably hasn’t responded because he’s too busy packing his bags, booking a plane flight and watching Mikes video 😀

    Lets face it, who wouldn’t want to cruise the Kimberly with a bunch of photographers for free and call it work (if only I was a world famous PS trainer too 🙂 ) …

  13. Hey Mark, if Kelby is unavailable, I can probably shift a few things around and fill in for him. Just get your people to get in touch with my people……… 😉

  14. holy frijoles!!!
    Mark, love your thinking mate, this would surely be the cruise to sell your Nanna for!
    Kelby is a bloody legend and to join him along with Fletch on True North would be an awesome experience.
    Hope it comes together!!!

  15. More seriously, we can always get his attention through his own charity event – Scott Kelby’s Second Annual Worldwide Photo Walk on July 18 (see more at ). Looks like this is big on his radar at the moment – might be worth getting one organised and see if we can get his attention with a big performance that way. Could show him some of the South West and maybe he would do a workshop down there for people who couldn’t do the True North course.

  16. All, we could do anything with him if he would only take my call!

    It appears they have a holiday there this weekend so last night I managed to get through to his Secretary’s voice mail at least and left a long voice mail. Apparently my accent turned a few heads over there and the receptionist made a comment to that effect…think I won a heart!!!

    So at least now he will be able to listen to the short speal I left him without feeling pressured.

    I signed off with ‘165 ft boat, 36 guests, a Bell 407 on board full time, truly the last frontier’………………. ‘Let’s Play’!!!

    Maybe that will get him off his butt…..but as they say…’you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink’!!!

    We have a new Satellite set up on board that would enable him to do a pod cast as we cruise…..’live’…how cool would that be!!!

    Watch this space for the next chapter!!



  17. your a bloody legend Mark, keep the cool ideas coming!

  18. Oh no …back to talking to a machine Mark.

    It seems like you’re not giving up so good luck ,stick to it and get that horse to drink.

  19. Mmmmm I still think as I mentioned in a previous post, that with a small change in tactics and a slightly subtle change in word usage would net some real results.

    Jamie Paterson

  20. I think the charity idea is great.

  21. I will leave him alone till after the weekend as I am sure he will be off for the long weekend break.

    Will post an update next week.



  22. according to his blog, he’s away shooting in Portland.
    Probably explains the no reply, that and his hard drive failing which i’m guessing would mean a shitload of work to someone like Scott.

  23. Live podcast on the boat. Shit your going to need a gun Video Guy for that.

  24. Maybe he is the kind of guy that likes the long drawn-out seduction approach, rather than the up-front almost-too-good-to-be-true offer. We’ll just have to keep plugging away at him. If that doesn’t work, may have to get CF to hand over the secrets of the TNFP filter to him and let him release it to the world as his own invention.

  25. Tonights the night for the last crack at him! It is either ‘shit or get off the pot’ time!!

    Maybe we would need a gun videographer Mike…who knows!



  26. Well, I got to speak to the voicemail again of the beaut secretary so I declined and feel that this is a lost cause.

    The poor fellow does not know what he is missing out on, but I am over chasing him.

    Onto the next idea!!

    Thanks for tuning in everyone!

  27. I can try if you want Mark.

  28. I guess there is no way of telling how his system operates – maybe he gets a hundred of these kinds of offers a week by email, and his staff filter through them as best they can. I wonder if he may respond better to a well drafted letter on your letterhead, accompanied by some of your brochures and maybe even a DVD with Michael’s video on it (NTSC of course), sent by registered mail – there would be no doubting the veracity of the offer in that format I would think. It would be a shame to let this great idea slide without one last but significant push. It might be like insurance companies – reject everything the first time and see which ones are serious and come back again. Go on Mark, have one last go…… 🙂

  29. Nah….get over it and move on.

  30. Jamie,

    Have a crack if you want to. Muzz, I am hearing ya, but am a bit over the attitude to be honest!! I have dealt with some seriously wealthy people in my time…including a guy that was once the worlds 3rd wealthiest and I have found that without exception, those who you want to deal with are those who are still humble and remember where they come from.

    I think our man Kelby has got a bit ahead of himself maybe??

    Anyway, I am done and onto the next idea and concept…plenty more where that came from I assure you!!



  31. Just poking around on his website and found the phone number listed is actually different to the one above – it’s 813-433-5005 FWIW. Cheers, Muzz.

  32. Hi Muzz,

    I am getting through to the receptionist and have spoken to his secretary once, left 2 messages with her voice mail….that should be enough!!



  33. It looks like Christian will be joining us again on a PNG cruise next year. We cruise from Alotau to Kevieng and my GM is putting together all theme cruises for next year as we speak!!

    Not sure which cruise yet, but will advise when it is locked down.

    I have travelled the world selling boats and there are not too many countries I have not visited and I reckon that PNG is the prettiest, friendliest and cleanest country I have ever seen!!

    We bypass the areas you don’t want to see like Port Moresby by simply Chartering a Convair from Cairns and dropping you straight at the departure point.

    Christian doesn’t even know this has been happening yet, so it will be kinda cool for him to read this on his blog!!

    Told you that I had more up my sleeve than the Kelby gig!!



  34. Yep, that certainly counts as having had a fair crack at it.

  35. Woohoo I’m going to PNG, thanks Mark and everyone at Northstar for the gig. I will be looking forward to that trip after seeing your photos you took last year. Thanks again and we better start promoting it soon I guess. Let me know when you have all the dates.


    Who’s coming????

  36. Love to but…$$$$$$$$$$$

  37. I am (if you forget your tripod)! 🙂

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