Leaving Coffs Harbour

leaving coffs These two yachts were heading out the other morning, one south and the other north. If they are still out there now there will be some pretty unhappy sailors!!! The weather has been absolute cr@p and hasn’t stopped raining for three days. The waterfall shots to come should be pretty good, albeit a little muddy. Drove to Nimbin today for a look, think I found a new home town. Too bad I’m not a drug taker or a hobo as I would fit right in! Still, it is an interesting place and worth a visit to see some pretty amazing looking people. The portraits there would be awesome as there were some real different looking dudes around. REAL different!! Oh and BTW these rays of light were real, it’s all about the light man………….see I’m even starting to talk like a Nimbin local!


~ by christianfletcher on May 20, 2009.

8 Responses to “Leaving Coffs Harbour”

  1. sweet shot christian
    love the light raise comming down very moody
    love it

  2. Cool light man

    Hey man theres some nice scenery around Nimban and that part of the world……..man.

  3. Hi Christian,

    Amazing effect with the light, was it raining when you took the shot and did you use a ND grad to keep the suns rays from blowing out?

    I hope no one minds but I’ve added some shameless plugs for my blog to make up for the fact that I haven’t been blogging enough recently 😀

    Must get those stock shots ready for ASP too …

    Dave Catley
    For Sale: Canon 5D body + battery grip $2000, sensible offers considered 🙂
    More info: http://madcatphotography.wordpress.com/2009/05/11/canon-5d-for-sale/
    19/05/2009 – New Blog Entry “Bunker Bay”

  4. Amazingly freaky, great capture.

  5. the scary thing is these guys were heading out into some pretty awful weather, probably weren’t going far but you have to be pretty keen to go sailing when it is grey and about to rain!

  6. S

  7. The weather has been shocking for your trip, eh!

    Nimbin is the funniest little town I’ve come across. How many times were you offered some weed for sale? My girlfriend and I stopped in there for about an hour and were offered at least 6 times :p The weather was a bit nicer, so i’d guess there were more people out and about.

  8. very nice!
    can’t go wrong with rays of light like that 🙂

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