This could be my last post

We are sitting in our cabin on the edge of the Brunswick River, the wind is up to 100 km/h, the power has gone out twice and there is a flood warning out on that bloody river. The cabin is rocking in the wind, exciting stuff. If I don’t post anything tomorrow you will know……………………..

~ by christianfletcher on May 20, 2009.

21 Responses to “This could be my last post”

  1. Quick, put the TNFP T-shirt on, put it on NOW!! Seriously, take care.

  2. shit now where did I leave that shirt??

  3. Nice knowing you Christian, make sure you get some good shots of the storm in your final moments đŸ˜‰

  4. stop bloody posting on your blog and put some effort into staying alive!!

  5. Put ya floaties on, the 5DMKII will be fine mate, its almost a submarine!

  6. If you don’t make it back, I’ll look after your galleries, now where are those drives đŸ˜‰

    Enjoy the rough weather, we are in for some as well on this side.

  7. Godspeed

  8. Good luck, we’re still waiting for rain. Tomorrow could be interesting though. Keep up the posts, it’s nice to see some good images after a long break. Love the colours in the Coffs Harbour image, did you use the lab mode to get that colour punch? Keep the wallpapers coming too.

  9. Oh ya big wuss …too cold ….too wet 100km hr wind .. that’s a mere zephyr.

    Get out there and take some night shots.

    Don’t like to ask why the cabins rockin!!!!!!

  10. sounds more Exciting then whats going on here haha good luck! Sounds like your staying in a shack!

  11. may the force be with you young jedi
    good luck bro take some footage with the mark2 would love to see it

  12. Still here this morning but it is official SE QLD is a disaster zone. The river next to us is now about half a meter from flooding and there is trees and stuff blown down everywhere. Unfortunately there is more still to come, may have to delay my demise till later today! Stay tuned.

  13. Hey …..just heard on the early news here that you’ve had the odd shower of rain and things are a bit wet where you are.

    I’lll be watching the news , when word gets out that a famous photog is stranded in the area they will be knocking on your door for an interview.

    Good luck and make of it the best you can.

  14. Didn’t go far enough north I guess đŸ˜‰

    Take care and stay safe, André

  15. Hang in there, and don’t go for any strolls on the river bank.

  16. my plan to rid the world of Fletcher is coming together perfectly!!! Hahahahaha

  17. Love the radar images of the rain in your neighborhood. That is some intense rain!!!

    Not sure how long you are planning to stay up there, but I hope it blows over in a few days.

    I’m not sure about you, but I would be getting a serious case of cabin fever if I coudn’t get out shoot.

    Try not to kill wife or kids if you start losing it!
    Stay safe

  18. I wish I was that famous Merv, just another face in the crowd over here mate!! And yes it is raining a fair bit!!!

    I think there is a croc in our river too Dave!

    Tommy P you don’t realise that I float pretty well. Haven’t you seen my workshop presentations, I’m very wooden!!! I’m afraid only the good die young so I’m here for a bit longer yet!

    Too late Brent, kids and wife have been put on a bus heading to Sydney. Said they could stay at your house!!

  19. Hey Christian, we’ve seen Mark thinking outside the box, maybe it’s time for you to dig deep, put on your “editorial photojournalist” hat and go out and shoot some Pulitzer Prize winning shots for Time Magazine. Unless of course you left that hat home too….;-) I’m sure if you can get any light to hit that sensor, you’ll be able to weave some photographic genius, so don’t sweat it too much!

  20. mate if I go out in the rain my hair will get wet and it takes me days to get it looking this good. I know I should have bought my stylist with me!! All I see around me now is snot nosed kids and mums! (no yummy’s) The screams I haven’t heard since the last time I watched Saving Private Ryan. In fact I think it is worse here.

  21. sensational shot, enjoy byron bay!

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