Like a Fish out of Water

salmon dark Well here we are at the kids funarama in Byron Bay. What else can we do to keep sane! I have no images with me to work so I and posting this fish I drew in Corel Painter a whilst ago. With all the flooding here I wish I was a fish so I could get out and explore. Kids are having fun though so at least two people are enjoying their holiday. I’m sure there are some serious bugs flying around in this place, don’t worry though, I have the antibacterial gel to smother ourselves in when we leave. Ah, what was that photography thing I came here for???


~ by christianfletcher on May 21, 2009.

4 Responses to “Like a Fish out of Water”

  1. Hey if you like I could send you some of my photos to work your magic on – that would test your Photoshop skills to the max! 🙂 The fish looks great though. Maybe you could write and illustrate a children’s book while you wait for the sun again.

  2. Well, if you have nothing else to do find someone to buy my 5D so I can go get my new camera and start taking some pics here in WA 😀

    Mind you it’s pretty wet here too, though nowhere near the problems you are having over east …

  3. well at least the post titled ” could be my last post ” wasnt your last post mate….
    Nice fish by the way and thanks for the chat earlier on mate, I appreciate it

  4. oh when I first saw this I thought you drew that because you were stuck in the flood haha looked crazy on the news, we have had some crazy weather here today too!

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