Gods Rays

tamborine 4 Called in a favour from Kenny D for this pic, and yes for all you skeptics, these rays were actually there this time. REAL rays!! Makes my job too easy. This was on the Cameron Falls walk.


~ by christianfletcher on May 24, 2009.

16 Responses to “Gods Rays”

  1. Very nice images here mate!
    I wonder if the water is flowing over here with the rain we have had?

  2. Nice shot mate…… at least your getting soem images now that all the rain and shitty weather has nearly gone away….. Kenny D huh, nice to have friends in high places… the only D i can get favors off is Miccy D’s

  3. Hey Christian, Great images, like them all, how can one not like silky looking water with natural sunlight. oh how I wish perth and its surroundings had a rain forrest!

  4. nice christian awesome

  5. great set of shots Chritian ,
    Love the editing as usal
    Wish there were some rain forrest like these over this side of the country to photograph

  6. stunning.
    you really are loving the beams lately.
    so effective in scene’s like this!

  7. Love the light and POV CF …. Congrats on the new site launch 🙂

  8. Looks like your having a great time up there.
    Love the new website, its a classic. The team at clever starfish have done it again.

  9. Awesome work Christian as always. The rays of light do give it an almost ‘heavenly’ feeel.

  10. I’m really liking the wintry feel you’re evoking with these images. KD will be bummed he didn’t keep those rays for himself. The new website looks great – has a familiar feel! I really like the colour scheme – reminds me of the chocolate cake at your workshop (somehow subliminally makes me want to click on that “Add To Cart” button!). Looking forward to more posts in between trawling through the images on your site and ASF – mouth-watering stuff.

  11. loving these Forrest Shots!

  12. Sensational shot mate… the new site is a cracker as well.

  13. thanks guys on all your comments, spent the day at Lamington NP, there are so many waterfalls there, more than 30 possibly as many as 50!! Not to mention the rivers and creeks all feeding these.

  14. Nice images Killer, only the comment about the fact that these were real rays….! like none of your other images have real one? hehe! jokes aside some great images.

    Nice to see a river without plastic bags floating down them like here in africa.

  15. Love the new website Christian, you should be very pleased with what they have done for you.

  16. You and God did a very good job! Its a beautiful shot.

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