Tambourine Mountain

tamborine 2 We are currently staying in the Tambourine Mountains and trying to dodge the rain. The positive is that all the creeks and waterfalls are going off. Got some better shots than this one this morning on a great rainforest walk. The photographers here are spoilt. If you can’t get a nice forest pic you are either blind or off your nut! which in the case of Nimbin would be most likely. Today has been perfect for photography. Should get better as the week progresses. Had my first encounter with a Cane Toad yesterday, big ugly suckers they are. I did the right thing and belted it to death, wasn’t pretty though and you could hear my squeals for miles. I then had to pick the sucker up and put it in the bin. Didn’t think they were this far down.


~ by christianfletcher on May 24, 2009.

11 Responses to “Tambourine Mountain”

  1. hey christian

    awesome its my fav so far love the water


  2. hey mate, very cool photo, to me it actually looks like a painting, similar style to the other waterfall picture. Both are excellent panos.


  3. Hi mate,

    nice part of the world, I love getting into that forest, very accessible from Brisbane

  4. It is a wonderful place to get lost, so many very cool spots up those mountains, and the ice cream shop on the main drag aint too bad either. Looking forward to seeing more images.

  5. Very relaxing photo – looking forwards to the “better shots”. Hey you didn’t use your tripod to belt that cane toad did you?

  6. Nice one Christian,the water has a metallic look about it.

  7. Great atmosphere in this one, mate. I’ve made plans to head into the mountains next weekend with another photographer I bumped into recently. Hopefully we get some nice light like this!

  8. I like the glow on the leaves and water… lovely lovely pic

  9. I haven’t been up that way since I was in Amberly doing some RAAF training when I was 19. Great spot and I love the green glow you gave the shot.

  10. I’m a wimp, I couldn’t kill the Cane Toad. šŸ˜¦ Its awesome to see shots like this from another part of Australia.

  11. One of my favorite photos of yours! My wife used to live up the mountain about 20 years ago and we visited in February. Man has it changed! At least you found some wonderfully unspoiled spots to share with us. Thanks.

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