Golden Times on the Gold Coast

GC St1 copy This is a pic of me roughing the wilds of the Gold Coast with my buddy Mark Stothard
It was a great sunrise and a wind down after the big day previous at Lamington National Park with all round good guy Nick Rains . Mark picked me up at 5.30am and as we drove down the road a km we noticed a knocking sound in the car. Sure enough a bloody flat tire. Just as well we weren’t going far. Got my feet wet so you could say it was an extreme shoot!! Yesterday Mark ended up having three leeches on his feet. I guess that happens when you walk for 12kms in a rainforest in bare feet!! Funny stuff. Nick looked a little shocked when Mark jumped out of the car in thongs!


~ by christianfletcher on May 27, 2009.

3 Responses to “Golden Times on the Gold Coast”

  1. Nice shot. Love the sharpness and colours. Looks like you guys are doing it pretty tough! Not.

  2. Fletch only you would find the only subject matter on the beach to shoot. Good luck leveling that tripod in the water. 😉

  3. Beautiful image, great color, really grabs the eye and the buildings look so sharp. But Fletch is this a self portrait or did Mark take it? If so, what did it look like out of your cam?

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