Natural Bridge

natural bridge I have always wanted to photograph this spot. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be due to the huge contrast. I think shooting this when it was darker outside that would have helped. Still it is pretty amazing and the water was thundering down that hole in the rock. Other shots I have seen of this place the water is just a trickle. Mark and I got lucky, or unlucky, not sure really.


~ by christianfletcher on May 27, 2009.

12 Responses to “Natural Bridge”

  1. nice shots christian tell mark that his shots are awesome, looked them up on the ASP site you guys are going off are you glad i introduced you guys to each other if it wasnt for me where would you guys be hmmmmm


  2. how do ya do that neat colour glow thats been appearing lately? Looks great.

  3. Yeah loving the dreamy glow outside, Can’t wait for your photoshop book.

  4. Phil, thanks mate, Mark is a top bloke and has changed my outlook on business and how I live my life. He is a motivator and a positive thinker. I want to be around people like that, people that give you energy not sap it.

    Easy guys, duplicate the photo, add a gaussian blur to the top image then change the blend mode to soft light. Easy peasy!!!

  5. That’s a pretty sweet shot, I think you got lucky with all the rain! There’s really not much room to move around for angles in there…Yeah love the glow, a bit dreamy looking.

  6. very very cool.
    still got awesome details in the rocks.
    love the light hitting the rocks on the roof too.
    and yeah, the dreamy look is real effective again

  7. Great processing as usual. Not sure about the stairs being in the shot, though.

  8. Coming through with some great shots Christian. I think the diffuse glow works well here, it gives the dreamy feel you were after. I would have liked to have seen more detail in that mass of highlights though.

  9. Nice Dreamy shot!

  10. Might have been a good place to try a bit of HDR.

  11. Nice capture CF, that place is way harder than it looks to shoot your right. My business partner lives just up the road from the area, may have to pay him a visit and try this one out again with some light painting maybe?

    Keep the cool images coming, looks like the book is gonna rock when its out.

  12. Wish I’d of done that.

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