Fingal Head

fingal head LH Brent Pearson told me about this spot so Mark Stothard and I went to check it out. There are some amazing rock formations there and I will post a pic of those later. Mark managed to soak his camera in salt water when a wave hit him on the top of a 50 ft cliff face. This a day or two after the big swells hit the coast. Just as well he has a mark III. A little wash in fresh water and he was right to go again. This is a neat little light house.


~ by christianfletcher on May 30, 2009.

7 Responses to “Fingal Head”

  1. Got a spooky feel to this one, Nice processing.

  2. Nice atmosphere fletch, great lighthouse.
    BTW my blog hits have been crazily declining since you got rid of your links column… is that gonna come back?

  3. Nice moody image. I never got this close to this lighthouse last year, was hit by an amazing sunset that evening and could not shoot enough of those rock formations it was going OFF and I was the only one on both sides of the headland that evening, such a surreal feeling that evening.

  4. real nice feel to this the atmosphere with the lighthouse standing out so well from the dark. the detail of the top part of the lighthouse if fantastic!

  5. Thought you might have blasted a light ray out from the top.

    You should have rung up PMAC and told him to come and scrub his bloody phone number off the side of the light house.

  6. Great image – love the toning and lots of detail throughout when you look up close, and nice bit of warmth in the middle of the cool dark.

    Good to see you posting after a break – had me wondering what happened in the jungle. You know, three alpha males go into the jungle together and then Nick’s not answering his emails, CF isn’t posting, but Mark pipes up with a “had a great time in the jungle” post! 😉 Good to see there was a happy ending, though Nick still isn’t answering his emails……

  7. Hey Christian

    Glad to hear you liked the location… It can be pretty wild out there with a fair bit of water flying around. Sorry to hear about Mark’s camera getting drenched.

    Lovely shot of the lighthouse… really does have a lovely mood to it. The light quality looks incredibly soft.


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