Maheno Wreck

fraser island 1 Had to get one photo of a wreck and this one is mint. We got up with the kids at 5am to get this shot, just managed the sunrise but it was better a little later. This was shot with the ND filter and stylized in photoshop. A four image stitch with the camera on the horizontal. A couple of dingos were playing close by so I had one eye on the kids and the other on the light. Fraser Island was pretty cool but the 4WD tracks got a bit tiresome. Driving on the beach was great fun.


~ by christianfletcher on May 30, 2009.

20 Responses to “Maheno Wreck”

  1. Looks like a fairly big wreck?.. nice tones and comp but I think Flemming might comment on the angle of the dangle. LOL

  2. Mmmmmm……I think Petes right , it looks like it’s listing a little to the right.

  3. i sorta like the slope. Awesome shot thought, the only thing i dont like is the hardness of the sudden vignette at the top and bottom.

  4. Very cool CF, slant does not both me. What really makes this pic for me is the pool of water in the foreground, kinda like your Wydup Rocks image

  5. I like the composition, the sand bank joining the hull with a reflection looks really nice CF.
    Also like the light house, nice burnt lantern flame
    Fletch are you having any dramas with viewing your links in wordpress ?

  6. doh, crooked horizon again!!! Thanks guys

    Yes Adrian just noticed all my links have gone. Sure they will be back up soon!

  7. you have to manually drag the widget back to the column in dashboard cf.

  8. Nice colour and Composition, Wish we we had shipwrecks out here!

  9. Nice shot mate….. I just got to Perth and have already had one cabin attendant ask me what the hell iTNFP means… I wearing the shirt with pride huh ! ! !

  10. Good shot of the Maheno! Trademark Fletcher ‘Shade WB style’, looks very nice. Fraser Island is gorgeous with fun 4WD but hard to get shots, bloody people and tire tracks everywhere – crawling all over Maheno wreck in the daytime.

    My ‘assistants’ already commented on the horizon, seems I do not need to work anymore, people do the job for me 😀

  11. Don’t think i’ve seen a photo, or even heard of, this wreck. Looks awesome!

  12. very very nice… I have always wanted a shot of this wreck. Love what you have done with the look as well.

  13. yeah sweet photo Christian. Did you do any shots on the sand blows?
    Agreed on the tracks, it takes ages to get anywhere on Fraser!

  14. Very nice timeless shot and treatment. Stepping back, the horizon doesn’t seem to matter because the other angles work – almost invokes a sense of movement forward as it is.

  15. Very Schmick, Love the simplistic composition and the warm colours are awesome.

  16. Nice Fletch, have always wanted to get to Fraser Island… one day

  17. this is sweet christian

    would love to go there and explore the island it would be awesome


  18. Wow. Excellent color and mood.

  19. This is funny. A friend of mine sent me a picture of this yesterday doing the tourist thing. Bunch a people stood around at about 2.30 in the afternoon. I thought that would make for a fantastic shot …. and then I saw this! Gorgeous light. I love this.

  20. didn’t get to the sand dunes Dan, kid issues!!

    Muzz is right, but man is it crooked!!

    Hazel it was meant to be I think!!

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